Team Diva Takes on Seattle, with Kim Colaprete and Chavi Hohm

Episode 84:

Top Real Estate Teams: What You Will Learn:

  • Chavi and Kim’s journey into real estate
  • The creation of Team Diva and the Diva real estate brand
  • How Chavi and Kim became one of the top teams in the Seattle real estate market
  • Why community involvement is such an integral part of Team Diva’s real estate business
  • How Chavi and Kim stayed true to their values and passions as their business grew

Dynamic Tension

Team Diva is currently one of Seattle’s top real estate teams, but founders Kim Colaprete and Chiva Hohm took an unconventional route to get there. Kim Colaprete used to fly solo as the O.G. real estate diva. However, the Diva brand expanded in 2008 when she and Chavi Hohm partnered up to take on the Seattle real estate market. Team Diva was formed, and the tension created by the economic downturn of 2008 motivated them to do everything in their power to stand out from the pack. They refer to it as “dynamic tension” and their business is built on that concept. To this day, Chavi and Kim still find nuggets of gold in every moment of chaos, providing them with invaluable lessons that keep them driving forward as one of the top teams in the Seattle area!

“Top real estate teams are rarely conflict-averse. Sometimes there are nuggets of gold when you have a little chaos.” – Kim Colaprete

Build Your Business to Build the Community Around You

Since the Diva brand was created in 1999, the branding journey has been transformational, to say the least. The changing digital landscape has given Team Diva new tools and platforms to show the Seattle real estate market who they really are! But one thing that has not changed since Chavi and Kim got started is their dedication to community involvement. Community involvement is a major part of the Diva brand and it runs much deeper than simple charity or fundraising. Chavi and Kim believe in building their business to build the community around them. And by lifting up pieces of the community in a beautiful, stylized way, people will start to notice them and become interested in them from a real estate perspective as well.

Know What’s Important to You

Whether you are one of the top real estate teams or not, people only need real estate MAYBE once every couple of years. So, it is extremely important to pay attention to what’s going on outside of your biz dev activities because that is how you’re going to drum up long-term business! Team Diva honors their priorities, they know how to create energy around their brand by providing value to the community, and they go above and beyond to provide value to their clients as well. You can’t just show up in your clients’ lives when they need a deal done; you need to show up all the time, and let the deals come as a byproduct of those relationships. Team Diva has achieved massive success through these practices, and other real estate teams will see the same results.

Top Real Estate Teams

Photo by Jessica Bryant from Pexels

About Team Diva

Team Diva specializes in Seattle’s urban walkable neighborhoods. No one works harder, does an incredible job marketing homes, and educates their clients more than Team Diva. They are the ones you call if you want to win a home in Seattle’s hot housing market. And they are the team you call to sell your home for Top Dollar in ANY market. Team Diva is owned and operated by Kim V. Colaprete and Chavi M. Hohm, two sassy women who have been together for 21 years and married since 2013. Rocky Flowers, Roy Powell Jr and Remington Stokers are their amazing Diva Dude team members and licensed real estate brokers in the business. And behind the scenes is Michael Jouver who is the Diva Desk Dude and Listing Manager. Team Diva is Specifically Skilled Working with First Time Home Buyers (Diva Dwellers), First Time Home Sellers, Buy-Up Buyers and Sellers, Folks Listing and Selling Unique Homes, LGBTQ and Diverse Families, and Cool Kids Who Love Seattle’s Walkable Urban Neighborhoods. Team Diva is also actively involved in supporting diverse/queer arts and artists in Seattle and in supporting organizations such as, Fair Fight, which is working to protect voters’ rights and ensure fair elections around the country in 2020. In 2019, Team Diva was named as an Inman Innovator by Inman News and was listed as one of the top teams in real estate by Real Trends. Kim V. Colaprete has also been designated as a Five Star Professional in Real Estate for 13 years in a row.

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