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Pursuing Freedom – The Real Estate Podcast


Episode 205: From $3M to $300M with Nick Stageberg

  SUCH a great episode with Nick… listen in to discover: How Nick started out in homeless shelters and did his first house hack at age 12 How he and his wife created huge wealth for themselves in a relatively short amount of time with the Burr business model How Nick never planned to sell…

Episode 196: From Welfare to 300+ closings a year with Kellie Revoir: How One Single Mom Turned her Mindset around, and her LIFE

Listen in to this powerful episode and discover: How to build a thriving real estate business while maintaining boundaries and prioritizing family Different business development strategies to move you further faster The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people The importance of personal development and mindset About How to Connect With Kellie LinkedIn: Facebook:…

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