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What is Pursuing Freedom?

Pursuing Freedom is a lifestyle and a mindset. It's about dreaming big, working smart, and achieving both time and financial freedom...far faster than you've ever imagined! Whether you're just starting out, or you’re burning out, we’ll help you get clear on who you are and where you want to go, and create a customized plan for your success. Release stress and overwhelm, and take the wheel of your life and business. Learn how to leverage your natural-born gifts in order to magnetize the success you deserve, without compromising your ability to enjoy it!

Lifestyle and business design to help you enjoy the time and financial freedom you deserve.

Our Services

At Pursuing Freedom, we provide training for real estate professionals through group coaching, online courses, live classes, and the Pursuing Freedom podcast, blog and book. We believe that you are unique in your talents and what brings you joy. Therefore, we do not believe there’s just one formula for success. We help our clients get clear on your gifts, subtract the “busy-ness,” and streamline your business, so you can enjoy your life.

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Why Pursuing Freedom?

Erin Bradley is a speaker and trainer, bestselling author, and host of the real estate podcast Pursuing Freedom. As a mortgage lender, Erin learned the hard way just how difficult entrepreneurship and success in sales can be. From flat broke to 6 figures, and then to burnout, Erin has been through it all, and quickly discovered that the stress of overwhelm is no less painful than the financial stress. After redesigning her business to support her dream life, she’s been on a mission to teach her fellow real estate professionals to do the same. Erin operates under the mindset that you never give up, and you never settle, in life or in business. Anything is possible when you have the right mindset, great systems, and an amazing team.

Our Purpose

Our purpose in life is to help you bridge the gap between doing what you love and financial freedom. We help fellow freedom seekers build a successful business, using a process that's easy and fun, or create passive income through real estate to support your current career! We provide the tools to take your life and business from you are, to where you've always dreamed you'd be!


Our business is built on helping others, and our reward is your success. Click to hear what folks are saying about us!

“The value I’ve gained from Erin’s coaching is not only priceless, but limitless. From simple and repeatable programs to nurture and grow my business, to daily activities and habits that feed my mind and energy, to collaboration with like-minded business owners, to investing in real estate and other asset classes, business planning workshops, to reinforcing my inner dialogue — such as “quit playing small”, “have an abundance mindset”, and “to be curious”. Her message always comes from a place of sincerity, genuine care, and personal experience. I highly recommend Erin’s platform, in any and every way you can consume it. There are so many resources and options based on someone’s personal needs and budget.”

— Steph C. | Collective Member, June 2024

"I started working with Erin at a very interesting point in my life, hoping for business coaching. What she does is so much more than that - I’d never considered the idea of building a life I don’t need a vacation from. Forging balance out of my life where it felt impossible, shifting to an abundance mindset, not accepting the status quo and realizing the power of manifesting have all changed my life. She is a bright light and exudes love and gratitude- I am so thankful for her guidance and friendship."

— VALERIE JOHNSON | Private Client

“Erin Bradley’s teaching is super fun and inspiring. She gets to the heart of being a successful entrepreneur with the bonus of giving us permission to enjoy our lives. In the middle of this new era of doing business, Erin’s systems and training have given me such CLARITY on what steps we should be taking, how to prioritize tasks, and create some new personal habits!

Timely, Motivating, and Inspiring… a real game-changer for how to live a good life and conduct a successful business!”

Linda M. | Achieve Balanced Growth Client

“Working with Erin over her 6-month Tribe of All Stars course was an absolute pleasure. Erin's wealth of knowledge and guidance has helped me grow tremendously over the 6-month period both personally and professionally. She speaks from her own real-life experience, and her passion for helping others comes across in her interactions and conversations with group members. Erin is so invested in her members' growth journeys that it brings her to tears when she hears about the successes we experience because of her learnings. I felt Erin's support every step of the way in the most genuine and sincere way. I would highly recommend Erin's coaching to business professionals at any stage of their career, rookie or veteran.”

— Luis J. | Tribe of All Stars Member, November 2023

“After taking Erin’s coaching session, I am so excited about the future of my business. I have new tools and a new perspective. This is the inspiration I needed to take my business and life to the next level. Through high value and high energy coaching, I learned I am the bottleneck. Erin has helped me implement new techniques and now I truly believe I am meant for more! I highly recommend Erin’s coaching if you are ready to get clear on your goals and do the mental work to boost your business.”

— Nicole G.

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending Erin's Business Planning Class! She provided easy to follow templates and manageable ways to increase productivity and life flow. Erin has experienced the challenges of being an entrepreneur and is proof that shifting to an abundance mindset along with setting precise goals and behavioral patterns is the key to embracing strategies for success. After all, you are the CEO of your life and business!"


“I highly encourage anyone who is on the fence about committing to one of Erin's coaching programs...Do it! There are so many coaching programs out there but Erin's is truly one of a kind. As with any coaching program, there are so many different tips and tools but Erin explains that not all of these will resonate with everyone. Rather than being everything to everyone and trying to do it all; It's important to find the things that resonate with you and focus on those. One of the key takeaways I gained from coaching is to find what makes you happy and gives you energy and do it. You will attract the energy you project.”

— Ashley B. | Tribe of All Stars, February 2023

“Erin has helped me push past my doubts and fears to see that I can create the life I want to live and love. She has connected me to many powerful and influential leaders in our community in order to learn the strategies and mindsets of these successful people. Even if you can take away just a handful from the wealth of knowledge and applicable information she gives you, Erin's program is 100% worth your time and money. If you're ready to level up in life, this is it.”

— Whitney M. | CHR Tribe of All Stars February 2023

"I just completed Erin Bradley's Fall Freedom Plan and there are so many helpful strategies that were provided to not only maintain past client relationships but equip my business with new ideas and successful concepts when establishing new ones. She listens to struggles that you may be facing and walks you through her proven methods that have worked for her and her business and offers helpful suggestions to guide you in the right direction. I feel as though Erin has shown me a new perspective on how to run my business and truly enjoy it again and I am more equipped than ever to propel into the new year."


"I signed up for coaching with Erin Bradley in the fall of 2019 during a period of time when my business had slowed down and I felt in a slump. It was one of the best decisions that I made to invest in myself all year. I had some personal things going on and couldn't find the motivation to get back to the basics that I knew I needed to be doing to succeed in this business. Erin's calls and coaching were just what I was looking for. She helped remind me that if you do one thing every day to move the needle you will be moving in the right direction. Throughout the coaching we went over schedule blocking, tracking and figuring out what makes you excited and how to share it. Since the coaching, I started to put things back into motion in my business and just like that the phone starting ringing. I hope to continue to work with Erin as a coach in the future and would recommend her coaching to every agent that is looking to get back on track and continue to have a successful business."


“Erin's passion for supporting, uplifting, and pushing others to live their best life is palpable! She truly is a human being you want in your corner feeding you nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and tough love to launch you into building the life and business of your dreams.” 

— Karey H. | Tribe of All Stars, February 2023

“I can’t speak highly enough of Erin Bradley’s Pursuing Freedom method, and specifically the Boot Camp product she offers.  As an experienced loan officer, I know the activities I should be doing, and I’ve had seasons where I’ve done the activity really well.  But to be honest, doing the same things over and over can get really boring, and I found myself in a place where I had forgotten the “why” behind the activity.  In sales, there’s no getting around doing the activity, but Erin helped reshape my mindset, and discover the reason and purpose behind the activity.  Instead of calling past clients to wave my flag and remind them of how great of a loan officer I am (that provides zero value), Erin encouraged me to call with a commitment to curiosity—to actively listen for an opportunity alert (action item) to show up for them today.  When my goal shifted from soliciting mortgage referrals to providing actual value, the calls were much easier to make and they weren’t salesy.  Over the next few weeks, I received 17 mortgage leads that I believe are the direct result of this mindset shift.”

— Gavin S. | Launch NOW Boot Camp, Oct 2023

“In the beginning I felt overwhelmed with things in my life & wasn’t really in the mood to grow my business. I appreciate being able to break down setting a routine in place. As soon as I can take myself out of the overwhelm, I go back to Erin’s reflection exercises. I can put a better presence into the universe. I’ve loved all the things I’ve learned from Erin. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear Erin’s wisdom; it hits me differently every time.”

— Dawn W. | Collective Member, May 2024