Here's what people are saying about Erin's coaching programs:

You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.

— Zig Ziglar

I feel so fortunate that I was able to participate in this small group coaching.  I'm not sure if I would call it business coaching or life coaching, but in so much as the two are intertwined, it was that.  I learned so much about myself and what it is that I really want from my business.  The small group setting was ideal for me - I felt like we each got plenty of individual attention and I learned so much from my colleagues!  By the last session we were finding unique ways to support each other.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  This coaching was an important step toward living an extraordinary life.


I thoroughly enjoyed attending Erin's Business Planning Class! She provided easy to follow templates and manageable ways to increase productivity and life flow. Erin has experienced the challenges of being an entrepreneur and is proof that shifting to an abundance mindset along with setting precise goals and behavioral patterns is the key to embracing strategies for success. After all, you are the CEO of your life and business!


I just completed Erin Bradley's Fall Freedom Plan and there are so many helpful strategies that were provided to not only maintain past client relationships but equip my business with new ideas and successful concepts when establishing new ones. She listens to struggles that you may be facing and walks you through her proven methods that have worked for her and her business and offers helpful suggestions to guide you in the right direction. I feel as though Erin has shown me a new perspective on how to run my business and truly enjoy it again and I am more equipped than ever to propel into the new year.


Erin is a real, genuine and loving soul. She shares her own personal triumphs as well as struggles with you. With this combination, her coaching is honest, practical and inspirational. I looked forward to the group coaching calls every other Tuesday with a few other agents where we were able to share our wins and struggles. I always walked away feeling motivated plus picked up great ideas not only from Erin but the other agents too. Erin holds you accountable without being micromanaging. She equips you with a ready to use spreadsheet as a activity tracker for daily habits she suggests from day one. Another unique thing that Erin introduces into her coaching is helping you find your “avatar”. Essentially identifying your passions to guide your daily activities. It is so freeing to make a call and not have it be about real estate or asking for a referral. If you are looking for real, engaging, fun coaching program you need to at least give Erin a call to find out more about her 1:1 coaching and group coaching options. I promise you won’t regret it!


I signed up for coaching with Erin Bradley in the fall of 2019 during a period of time when my business had slowed down and I felt in a slump. It was one of the best decisions that I made to invest in myself all year. I had some personal things going on and couldn't find the motivation to get back to the basics that I knew I needed to be doing to succeed in this business. Erin's calls and coaching were just what I was looking for. She helped remind me that if you do one thing every day to move the needle you will be moving in the right direction. Throughout the coaching we went over schedule blocking, tracking and figuring out what makes you excited and how to share it. Since the coaching, I started to put things back into motion in my business and just like that the phone starting ringing. I hope to continue to work with Erin as a coach in the future and would recommend her coaching to every agent that is looking to get back on track and continue to have a successful business.


There is no way that I can put into words how significantly working with Erin has impacted my life and business. In the few years I've been attending Erin's classes, doing her training and working with her on Real Estate transactions, I've learned more about personal development, creating a life I don't need a vacation from, how to build a successful team and goal setting than in the previous 13 years of my career combined. Erin not only teaches you a mind-blowing amount with every class and coaching call, but she also does it in a way that is fun and motivational and leaves you ready to take on the world. Any agent, regardless of the stage of their career, can immensely benefit from Erin's revolutionary coaching and I can't recommend her highly enough!!!


I had the honor of meeting Erin in person, and Pursuing Freedom is an absolutely genuine reflection of how she works and communicates with her tribe! This strategy was to-the-point with very good information that is easy to implement and provides a HUGE impact! Pursuing Freedom is a quick read, there are great scripts (that aren't cheesy!) to use, and leaves you feeling ready to incorporate! Highly Recommend!


Erin gives you a simple strategy for building your own Tribe, based on providing value to the people in your ever-growing, community of clients, friends, and service providers, creating a 'love fest' of referrals, not by 'selling' but by being the most valuable resource in your community.


Erin offers real life applications of procedures to grow your business, increase sales, and maximize the relationships with existing clients and business partners. I would highly recommend Pursuing Freedom to anyone searching for alternative ways to elevate their business to the next level.


I've taken Erin's business planning workshop for the past two years and I plan to take it every year! It is so beneficial to reminisce on your current year and she has great strategies for goal setting. I feel so empowered and ready to enter into a very successful new year once my goals are established. I highly recommend this class!!


Erin has an easygoing style. She is so easy to relate to. She has common-sense (and fun) ideas to change your fiscal life. Highly recommend.


Like Erin, what's not to love? Not just give to get, but give to live a fulfilling and lucrative life! Pursuing Freedom provides the map and the inspiration.


Directly applicable to anyone looking to improve. If you've been in a funk or a slump, this is the uplifting boost you need to get back your train back on the tracks. Inspiring, with takeaways that we call all implement in our lives. Well done.


Erin is true to her mission of Pursuing Freedom and she is committed to sharing her insightful ideas so others can achieve their goals, too! Her Mastermind group has really helped me dial in my business and to focus on the things that make the biggest impact. Erin's sincerity shows in every interaction, she really cares for her people and pushed me to do greater things and held me accountable. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in having a better business AND creating the freedom to enjoy life.


Lots of practical tips for those in 100% commission based jobs or self-employed. So many relatable struggles and situations. This is a good strategy for busy entrepreneurs trying to build a business and enjoy the process!


Erin Bradley’s teaching is super fun and inspiring.  She really gets to the heart of being a successful entrepreneur with the bonus of giving us permission to enjoy our lives.

In the middle of this new era of doing business, Erin’s systems and training have given me such CLARITY on what steps we should be taking , how to prioritize tasks and create some new personal habits !   Timely, Motivating and Inspiring …………….a real game changer for how to live the good life and conduct a successful business!


Erin has done an amazing job systematizing something that, until now, seemed only achievable as a character trait. Her technique to grow a business by a referral system is something that all types of people could apply in many industries...and sincerely enjoy doing.


Pursuing Freedom: Be Yourself, increase your referrals and have more fun growing your business!
By Erin Bradley