Reverse Engineer Your Future with Mandy McAllister

Episode 190: Reverse Engineer Your Future with Mandy McAllister


Mandy McAllister

Episode 190

We had such a wonderful conversation! Listen in for more on the below:

  • A money problem is just a math problem
  • How to move from being a slave to your success to the designer of your life
  • Why it’s more important to focus on human being than human doing
  • The mindset you need to have to take the leap and ways to achieve it
  • How Mandy retired from her W2 J-O-B as a single mom at 40 years old

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Mandy McAllister is a multifamily real estate investor, mindset ninja, eternal learner, coach and connector. She followed volleyball to Mercer University in Georgia where she was awarded Top Graduate in Marketing.  Soon after, she moved to Chicago to do a Masters in Economics and began work at the Board of Trade. Her professional career transitioned to Medical Device Sales where she was a perennial top performer. After many years of “chasing commission” she has made it her mission to secure financial freedom for her family and others through syndications and coaching individuals to realize their personal potential.

Her real estate expertise includes repositioning underperforming assets to increase cashflow and value. Her portfolio is currently comprised of 205 doors, primarily B- class workforce housing.  Mandy has found success in college towns with student housing as well as urban centers. Her passion is to help others define their path to financial freedom especially women through her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More. She is most proud to be mama to her hilarious 6-year-old son Duncan who, coincidentally, wants to be a real estate investor when he grows up.

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