Finding Success from the Inside Out with Neil Mathweg

Episode 189:

Episode 189

Neil Mathweg, a successful real estate coach and entrepreneur, shares his journey of designing his own life and finding true happiness. 

During our call, we discussed:

  • Focusing on the “expansion” versus the “shrink”,
  • the importance of focusing on opportunities rather than challenges and quieting the mind to tap into positive emotions,
  • how to avoid needing to figure things out while allowing them to figure themselves out,
  • the power of rewriting past memories and limiting beliefs to create a new self-image,
  • the significance of understanding and supporting loved ones, as well as the impact it can have on relationships and so much more.

Listen in as Neil shares how to live a life by design.

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About Neil Mathweg

Neil Mathweg is a husband and father first. Neil’s constantly challenging the status quo & redefining what it means to be a REALTOR®️. He’s known for building his extensive client base through wowing his clients instead of convincing them of how great he is, his out-of-the-box social media strategies, by empowering his audience on a more personal level.

Beyond his role as a REALTOR®️, Neil is the host of the nationally-ranked podcast Agent Rise and creator of the coaching program Agent Rise Coaching. Neil coaches many agents on how to build a business they love.

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