How to Actively Manage Your Mindset, with Long Doan

Episode 97:

Real Estate Business: What You Will Learn:

  • Long’s journey in the real estate business
  • How the victim vs. victor mindset ties into the current real estate market
  • How to overcome uncertainty and fear of the unknown
  • Long’s approach to actively managing your mindset
  • The importance of routines and habits in your pursuit of success
  • The three different ways that we learn
  • How to work your database and establish who you are in the face of adversity
  • How new agents vs. established agents are responding to the crisis
  • Why we need to be more focused on our relationships than the deals that come from them
  • How Long built a team of over 700 agents in five years
  • Why systems and structure is critical to the success of your real estate business

Managing Your Mindset in Real Estate

Long Doan is back for another episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast! If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Long’s first interview with us, check out Episode #59, where he talks about the mindset for success in the real estate business. For those of you who weren’t able to meet Long before, he has an amazing journey to share! Long is originally from Vietnam, and when he moved to the U.S., he spent fifteen years on the mortgage side of our industry. He started Realty Group back in 2009, and it has quickly become the fastest-growing real estate company in Minnesota with over 700 agents in five years. In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Long teaches us how to actively manage our mindset so we can overcome fear and uncertainty.

Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty

Anyone in the real estate business today would agree that these are unprecedented times. Uncertainty causes fear, and fear has a massive impact on your mindset! Our mindset controls everything we do, say, or think, so fear can be debilitating, especially in a leadership role. But you have more control than you might think. Anyone can lead when things are going well, but the real leaders shine when they are faced with extreme adversity. Mindset is the key factor in your ability to rise to the occasion, and you have the power to control it. Fear of the unknown is completely normal—it is okay to have fear. But the way you react to fear is what separates you from the pack.

Routine and Habits

Whether you are in the real estate business or a different line of work, you need to actively manage your mindset in order to hit your goals. We don’t show up and flip a “work mode” switch! We should be the same person at work as we are anywhere else; the ideal version of ourselves that we created. Your routines and habits mold the way you show up in the world, and determination enables you to keep those routines, no matter how many times you fail. By practicing consistency, you can sustain a positive mindset regardless of the challenges you encounter. That is extremely important in times like these, because your network will remember who you are in the face of adversity when this all clears up. Mindset is the key to success in real estate, and Long’s approach to managing it works at any experience level!

Real Estate Business

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About Long Doan

Long Doan has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. As one of the top 1% of agents in Minnesota and in the country, Long has a proven track record. He is the Founder/CEO/Co-Owner for Realty Group, a full-service real estate brokerage, and the fastest growing real estate company in Minnesota. Realty Group attracts, promotes, develops, and supports professional real estate agents and brokers.

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