Business Meets Spirituality, with Adam Hergenrother

Episode 96:

How to Conquer Fear: What You Will Learn:

  • How Adam struggled with weight problems, self-esteem issues, and drug use in high school and learned how to conquer fear
  • How early entrepreneurial efforts led to Adam getting his career rolling by buying his first piece of real estate
  • How Adam learned key lessons about business leadership, success, and embracing new experiences
  • Why learning how to conquer fear led Adam to create his “business meets spirituality” philosophy
  • Why fear becomes a motivator to act, and why controlling your fear helps you take the right action for the outcome you want
  • Why centering yourself helps you accept all experiences, good or bad, as growth opportunities
  • Why your perception and mindset shape how you feel about and react to new experiences
  • How taking control of your mind instead of letting it control you helps you develop discipline

How to Conquer Fear and Achieve Success

Adam Hergenrother is a multifaceted real estate expert, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, business coach and host of the Business Meets Spirituality podcast. Early struggles taught Adam the importance of developing the right mindset and welcoming new experiences, even the scary ones. Adam learned how to conquer fear, achieve clarity and purpose, and let his passion and joy lead him to success rather than pursuing financial and career success as its own goal. Adam sees himself as a spiritual being having a temporary physical experience, and this philosophy has become the guiding principle that Adam follows in all aspects of his life!

Why Do We Fear?

As Adam explained during our conversation, “need” is the root of fear. If we didn’t need anything, we wouldn’t fear anything either! Adam believes the secret to learning how to conquer fear is to take control of your mind and recognize the lens through which you are filtering your experiences. Instead of seeing new experiences as “good” or “bad,” Adam believes that all experiences have something valuable to teach us. It’s natural to worry about losing the success we’ve worked so hard for, but that can quickly lead to a “never enough” mentality, where we are always pursuing the next level of achievement. If we instead focus on doing the things we love and feel passionately about, financial success stops being the goal and becomes a natural side effect of pursuing happiness. Fear itself isn’t inherently bad, and in fact it can be a powerful motivator to push us to act! The important thing is to control our fears and decide on the best action to take, rather than giving into fear and letting impulse guide us.

Embracing Experiences

During our conversation, Adam offered a powerful quote:

“Understand, this is hard. This inward journey is harder than making money, it’s harder than any relationship, it’s harder than anything you’ll ever do. But ultimately the reason why you’re here is to evolve your soul. Every experience that you get the opportunity to experience, by definition, was an experience you needed to have.”

All of our experiences, both the good and the bad, are valuable! They all have something to teach us that can enrich our lives and help us grow. By being open to what’s happening in the moment, Adam says all the other aspects of your life will fall into place naturally. By not fearing the challenging times, you become more open to the lessons they have to share, and you’re more fully prepared to enjoy the good times.

How to Conquer Fear | Business Meets Spirituality

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About Adam Hergenrother

Adam Hergenrother is the founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies, which includes KW Vermont, Hergenrother Realty Group, BlackRock Construction, Adam Hergenrother Training, and Adam Hergenrother Foundation. Adam has grown these companies into a $1 billion organization by creating a culture where personal growth and work-life integration come first.

Adam thrives on taking on physical challenges including Bikram yoga, hiking, Ironman races, white-water rafting, skiing, and more. He fuels his mind and spirit with 40 minutes a day of meditation, and spends as much time as possible outdoors with his family and friends.

All of this is simple, but not easy. Life is hard. Business building is hard. There are daily struggles to overcome. It’s about finding the gift in all of life’s experiences and understanding that you have the power to unleash joy!

Adam lives in South Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, Sarah, and three children, Sienna, Asher, and Madelyn.

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