The Real Estate Agent Personal Brand, with Tiffany Sly

Episode 135:

Tiffany Sly, Queensland, Australia-based real estate agent, sales and marketing coach, and personal branding expert explains why the key to building your real estate agent personal brand is to identify what differentiates you and lean into those strengths. She shares insights about:

  • What Tiffany has been up to since her last appearance with the Pursuing Freedom podcast in Episode 25
  • Why Tiffany decided to get her real estate license and join her family’s business, and how she built a strong real estate agent personal brand in a new, unfamiliar country
  • What challenges Tiffany has faced and overcome in moving halfway around the world and starting a new business, and why she was motivated by a slower, more intentional life
  • How Tiffany’s own experiences with her trusted mentor helped inspire her to make big changes in her life
  • Why Tiffany decided to go back into selling real estate in Australia in tandem with her coaching work, and how she began working at boutique agency McGrath
  • What key advice Tiffany would share with any agent who needs to drum up quick business in a new or unfamiliar market
  • Why learning to build her real estate agent personal brand was a transformation for Tiffany’s work and became the core of how she stands out from the competition
  • Why Tiffany believes it is important to look closely at yourself and what sets you apart from your competition, and then leverage those traits for your business

The Real Estate Agent Personal Brand

If you’ve been with the Pursuing Freedom podcast for a long time, you might remember Tiffany Sly. She first appeared as a guest on the show way back in 2018! Now, more than 100 episodes later, she joins us once again to discuss the challenges and opportunities she experienced while building her coaching business and developing her real estate agent personal brand after moving halfway around the world to Queensland, Australia. Tiffany shares strategies for leveraging your best strengths and differentiating yourself from your competitors, and she offers tips for getting settled into a brand new, completely unfamiliar real estate market and hitting the ground running!

Starting Over in a Brand New Real Estate Market

Since she last joined us in 2018, Tiffany has made some huge changes in her life. After realizing that she was seeking a slower pace and the opportunity to live a more intentional life, Tiffany made the incredible decision to move halfway around the world, from Canada to Australia. This was all while building out a thriving coaching and mentoring business, no less. And then, to add to the complexity even more, she decided to go back to being a real estate agent too! For Tiffany, doing her research and making connections helped to overcome the struggle of an unfamiliar market. But one of the most important realizations Tiffany made was the vital role building a real estate agent personal brand would play in getting herself situated in her new home and living the life she has dreamed of.

The Importance of Developing Your Real Estate Agent Personal Brand

So, how did she build her real estate agent personal brand so quickly, so that she could start seeing success in her new country? Tiffany says the most important thing to do is take stock of what makes you different, what sets you apart from competitors. Once you know what your unique strengths are, you can start leveraging those talents to build up your brand.

Putting work into your real estate agent personal brand can reap powerful rewards by helping you establish your expertise, make new networking connections, and market yourself. Tiffany was able to do this in a completely different and unfamiliar country, by taking the time to reflect on what she does that nobody else can do as well. When you know your strengths, you can leverage those talents to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

If you’d like to learn more about the extraordinary, courageous Tiffany Sly, you can visit her Instagram page at her website at Estate Agent Personal Brand

About Tiffany Sly

Tiffany Sly is a leading visionary sales and marketing coach and personal brand expert.

She helps entrepreneurs find simple and effective strategies to transform the way they work, break the marketing mould, and build their most authentic and outstanding businesses.
Tiffany has a passion for making connections and building relationships. Her empathy, motivation and resourcefulness is a deadly combination and one that has provided her with amazing success through her marketing and real estate careers thus far.

Tiffany comes from a long line of successful agents in her family. She ran her own successful real estate business with her grandmother in the very competitive market of Toronto, Canada for over 12 years and she has been a top award winner for the last 10 consecutive years.

But Tiffany considers herself a marketer first and an agent second. Prior to selling real estate, she spent many years in advertising and marketing and runs her own international online brand consulting and coaching business.

Tiffany sees opportunities when others see challenges and her resilience is impressive. Her track record and experience in marketing make her a truly unique professional.

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