Real Estate Agent Goals, with Oleg Komarnytskyy

Episode 157:

Real estate agent goals are achievable if you’re intentional, no matter how big they are. Hear insights about:

  • How Oleg’s career as an entrepreneur started with a small logistics company before he got started in real estate
  • Why Oleg set big real estate agent goals for himself from the very beginning, and why the personal touch has been important for the growth of his business
  • Why Oleg’s business is based on getting referrals rather than focusing on prospecting for leads, and why his personal touches and online marketing generate leads
  • Why Oleg believes that the value in his clients isn’t how big the sale is but the relationship he forms with them
  • How Oleg uses technology like social media and cell phone video, and why videos shot on his phone are gaining more traction than professional videographer videos

Real Estate Agent Goals

No matter how big you dream, your real estate agent goals are achievable if you’re smart about how you do business and if you’re intentional about how you pursue your goals.

Oleg Komarnytskyy is an Illinois-based real estate broker who only got started in the field in 2017 but has quickly found extraordinary success… to the point that he’s already growing his team and has recently started his own brokerage.

Oleg set big goals for himself early on in his real estate career, and he’s stuck to those goals no matter what. This year, he’s on track to sell more than a hundred homes! Even better, he doesn’t spend time prospecting for leads, and instead he’s focused on generating referrals from his clients so that the deals come to him!

In this week’s episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, Oleg shares how he has scaled his business with intentionality and with clear goals in mind, and he explains how leaning on video, social media and other modern technologies have been the cornerstones of his success.

Setting Big Real Estate Agent Goals

Oleg got started in real estate and immediately hit the ground running, setting a goal for himself to double his year-over-year business every year. Now he’s aiming to sell one hundred homes this year, and he’s on track to achieve this lofty goal.

By scaling his business smartly, adding agents as his volume increased, and by focusing on his past successes as proof that he can achieve what he sets out to accomplish, Oleg has been able to rapidly grow his business. He keeps track of all his pending deals and measures his own success regularly to ensure that he’s where he needs to be. This diligence and dedication have proven to be important for Oleg’s success.

The Power of Referrals and Technology

Oleg is a big believer in the power of referrals for helping him achieve his big, lofty real estate agent goals. Most of his business comes from referrals, to the point that Oleg doesn’t need to prospect for leads. By leveraging his relationships with existing and past clients and by focusing on marketing himself through social media and video, Oleg has carved out a powerful niche for his business, without the need to do cold calls or knocking on doors.

If you’d like to learn more about Oleg, please visit his website at And as always, check out for other great podcast episodes and interviews with industry professionals!

Real Estate Agent Goals

About Oleg Komarnytskyy:

Oleg Komarnytskyy started in real estate in 2017. He sold two properties in his first year. By 2021 Oleg is on track to sell over one hundred homes. He does no cold calling or door knocking, instead utilizing social media and Google. He started his own brokerage company two weeks ago, with a goal to be selling 1000 homes/year within three years.

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