Avoiding Real Estate Agent Burnout, with Lori Powell

Episode 168:

Real estate agent burnout is common, but you can avoid burnout if you’re intentional about your work. Hear insights about:

  • Why Lori’s goal is to be happy every moment of every day, and how she learned to avoid real estate agent burnout by being more intentional about how she spends her time
  • How Lori made the important transition to helping others and becoming a thought leader, and why leadership comes naturally to her
  • Why finding joy and happiness in your work is a natural starting place for transitioning to serving others
  • How Lori discovered the importance of gratitude, and how finding her gratitude helped Lori heal through a painful period
  • Why continuing to ask “why” can help you get to the core of what motivates you and can reveal new insights
  • How working 364 days in a year and missing important family moments pushed Lori to make a change in her priorities to avoid real estate agent burnout
  • Why scaling your business the right way and designing the life you want is crucial for achieving both success and freedom

Real Estate Agent Burnout

If you’ve been working in real estate for any amount of time, you know how easy it can be to try to do too much and to be “always on.” When you’re working for yourself as a real estate agent, it can be easy to focus so much on your work that you risk real estate agent burnout. You probably know what it feels like to miss out on precious moments with your loved ones because the work never stops.

Avoiding real estate agent burnout and striking a balance between your work and your other priorities is crucial. In this week’s episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, my guest is Lori Powell. Lori’s career has touched many different aspects of the real estate industry, but today she focuses on leadership and on coaching others. Lori understands that striking out on your own and working for yourself can offer a lot of freedom, but it can also be easy to fall into the trap of allowing your business growth to consume you.

In our conversation, Lori shares how working 364 days in one year led to a key realization that she was focused on the wrong priorities, and she shares how intentionality was the key to creating a life of freedom and business success. She offers strategies to help you achieve greater integration between your work and your other priorities, and her insights are sure to help you extract more joy and less stress from your career!

Avoiding Real Estate Agent Burnout

Lori thought she was doing a great job of being there for her family while focusing on growing her business… until her family pointed out that she was always on the phone and doing work, even in the important moments. This realization was transformative for Lori, and she immediately went to work making big shifts in mindset and in priorities to ensure that she is able to be fully present for her family and friends when they need her to be.

Lori Powell is proof that being a real estate agent truly can give you the power to create a life you don’t need a vacation from, if you’re clear about your “why” and if you’re intentional about where you spend your precious time and energy. Lori says the key is to keep asking why. Each time you ask yourself “why”, you can go another layer deeper into understanding what drives you and where your passion for your work comes from.

Focusing on Serving Others

For Lori Powell, her passion comes from helping others by putting her expertise to work. By asking herself “why”, Lori recognized her natural leadership ability and the joy she gets from serving others, and so she made the intentional decision to lean into serving others through coaching and mentoring. Because Lori’s work excites her and satisfies her desire to be helpful, she is energized rather than drained by her work. That positive energy then shines through every aspect of her life and her interactions with others.

It all starts with understanding your “why” on a deeper level, Lori says. Once you’re truly clear about why you do what you do, you can achieve greater joy and success in your work, avoid real estate agent burnout, and truly enjoy the freedom that a career in real estate can offer.

If you’d like to learn more about Lori Powell’s coaching work or if you’re interested in connecting with Lori, you can schedule a conversation with her at www.calendly.com/LetLoriHelp or give her a call at (970) 208-7944. And don’t forget to visit www.pursuingfreedom.com for more episodes like this one that will help you take your business, and your life, to new levels!

Real Estate Agent Burnout

About Lori Powell:

Lori Powell loves helping people! Her passion and fulfillment comes from her ability to inspire and help agents, team leads, brokers, buyers, and sellers, because she fully understands all the stages agents transition through (from just starting out, to being so busy they can’t take any time off, clear through to having their own brokerage or team), and also the pitfalls to avoid for buyers and sellers.

After having humbly gone through her own challenges, and creating a couple successful businesses, having been an internal and outside business consultant, being a mega agent for many years, high performance coaching other agents, and building a large now-global inner-supportive collaborative team of agents, she has reached a debt-free, life by design.

Her specialty is connecting with each individual to help them self-discover where objectively they are in life and their inner drive to meet their own individual goals and dreams. She and her team also offer a unique “pay-it-forward” duplicatable attraction system like no other, along with the opportunities of direct consults with her, and a huge resource center, to anyone who partners with her or with anyone in her team.

Her resource center academy has over 100 modules covering anything from increasing production, lead gen, mindset and motivation, listings, open houses, balance and time management, your big WHY, how-to’s, quick tips, helpful hints series, attraction, fix-n-flip strategies, building a team, getting started in real estate, expanding your brand, use of technology, etc. Check out her site! www.Team`4REAL.com She’s happy to provide a free consultation or coaching call so just set an appointment with her at www.calendly.com/LetLoriHelp.

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