How to Build Wealth in Real Estate, with Jamila Tunu

Episode 170:

How to build wealth in real estate? Expert Jamila Tunu is here to share her top tips and generational wealth-building strategies. Hear insights about:

  • How working at a bank at the age of 18 ignited Jamila’s passion for understanding how money works, and how she built her career around wealth building
  • How Jamila got started in real estate investing, and why her focus is on helping people learn how to build wealth in real estate
  • Why many people struggle to know where to begin and lack the financial education they should have received as kids, and how Jamila is helping change that for her clients
  • Why financial literacy starts with creating new habits and patterns, understanding your purpose and vision, and setting and sticking to the right goals
  • Why the right mindset is a crucial blueprint and foundation for learning how to build wealth through real estate, especially for building generational wealth for your family
  • How the outbreak of the global pandemic allowed Jamila the time and ability to follow her passion for serving others in a new way through teaching
  • How Jamila’s course is structured to teach you how to build a “financial legacy house” from the foundation up
  • Why Jamila believes consumer debt like credit cards mean you’re helping someone else build their financial legacy, and why getting out of debt is the key to great investing
  • Why Jamila’s group coaching provides an additional layer of accountability that helps her students keep their focus and achieve their goals
  • How to get a 50% discount on Jamila’s coaching just for being a Pursuing Freedom podcast listener

How to Build Wealth in Real Estate

As you know, there are lots of different ways to pursue a career in real estate, from being a builder to being an agent to flipping houses. However, even as a real estate agent, it can be worthwhile to consider investing in your own properties. Real estate can be an extraordinary way to build wealth for yourself; true, generational wealth that can provide your family with security and financial freedom for generations to come. But… learning how to build wealth in real estate is a process, and it starts with financial literacy.

This week’s guest on the Pursuing Freedom podcast is Jamila Tunu. Jamila is an experienced real estate agent, loan originator, investor, and wealth coach whose passion lies in helping people create exactly the kind of financial freedom they need to be able to pursue their own dreams and passions.

In our conversation in this week’s episode, Jamila shares why so many of us lack the foundational financial literacy we need to be able to truly make sound money decisions for ourselves, and she shares how she has set about changing that through her coaching work. When we have the right knowledge platform in place, and when we truly understand how we relate to money, our empowered mindset can allow us to achieve extraordinary results! I’m certain that Jamila’s wisdom and infectious enthusiasm will help you achieve your financial goals.

Building Wealth in Real Estate Starts With Mindset

Imagine being asked to make a delicious meal for someone, but you’re missing half of the ingredients on the list and you’ve been given a strange appliance you’ve neither seen nor heard of before to put it all together. Sure, you could make something that kind of, sort of resembles the meal you’ve been asked to make, but the results aren’t going to be anywhere near what you would want them to be. Building wealth is a lot like that; you need all the correct ingredients and the understanding of how to combine them if you want to achieve great results.

This is where Jamila comes in. She realized early on that the financial lessons she had learned as a kid by watching her mother were never going to allow her to build true wealth, and she realized that she needed to start over from scratch if she hoped to learn how to build wealth through real estate. So, Jamila eagerly educated herself on all the fundamental lessons about money and debt she hadn’t had the opportunity to learn as a child. Once she had those key fundamentals in place, she could clearly define what she wanted the future to look like and then take the necessary steps to achieve that future.

A Passion for Teaching Others How to Build Wealth in Real Estate

Jamila’s financial journey has created freedom and allowed her to follow her passion for helping others, and today she works as a financial coach who helps others redefine their relationship with money and master their wealth-building mindset. Jamila believes that real estate investing has the power to change lives and empower families for generations, and that’s why she is so passionate about her teaching work.

As Jamila described it during our interview, building wealth is a lot like building a house. You start with a great foundation of knowledge and a clear vision for what you want, then you add important pillars to support your house. Only once all of that is in place can you finally see the fruits of your labors, when you put on the roof. It all starts with a great foundation, which is why financial literacy is such an important subject for anyone looking to learn how to build wealth in real estate investing.

If you’d like to learn more about Jamila Tunu, you can check out her website at As a Pursuing Freedom listener, you can even get a generous 50% discount on Jamila’s coaching services by using the code “FFF2021”! And don’t forget to visit for more episodes like this one that will help you take your business, and your life, to new levels!

How to Build Wealth in Real Estate

About Jamila Tunu:

Jamila Tunu (/too – n(y)o͞o/) is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Professional with exp Realty and a top producer on her team, Global Investor Agent. She is also a Commercial Loan Originator and Wealth Coach.

Her mission is to plant seeds of generational wealth and positively impact family trees through education and economic empowerment. One way she is fulfilling her mission is through Financial Legacy Building Secrets with Jamila Tunu course which covers 6 foundational steps to gaining sustainable financial freedom and building a legacy.

After starting a Facebook group, Financial Freedom Foundations, she noticed that the majority of the women were not investors because they didn’t know where to start. So she started working with women to build their foundation first, before embarking on their real estate investment journey. Once the foundation is set, the starting point will no longer be an issue.

Jamila resides in Houston, TX, but where you’ll most likely find her and her husband is living their best life traveling and enjoying new experiences.

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