Connecting with Clients, with Brittiny Howard

Episode 171:

Real estate expert Brittiny Howard shares why she feels connecting with clients is so important and why she is so passionate about providing an amazing customer experience:

 What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Brittiny was inspired to start her real estate career and why it still makes her feel close to her late father
  • Resources that Brittiny used to find her first leads and why being a total beginner worked in her favor
  • What to do to find leads if your initial sphere of influence is small or you’re in a new area
  • Why success in real estate is all about following the right recipe while adding a sprinkling of your personality too
  • Brittiny’s approach to nurturing client relationships, adding value, and staying visible and relevant
  • How Brittiny identified her ideal niche with families looking to upgrade their homes
  • The importance of outsourcing tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius
  • Brittiny’s lessons learned in the real estate business and why she prefers a smaller, tight-knit team of agents
  • The responsibility we have as leaders for individuals in our team and how to ensure we look after them

Moving Your Business Forward

Becoming a successful real estate agent takes hard work and commitment, but there is no reason why you can’t move your business forward at a rapid pace if you are committed to putting in the work. People from all walks of life are attracted to the various niches in real estate for many different reasons. This week, my guest on the Pursuing Freedom podcast Brittiny Howard tells her story of why she was inspired to get into the industry.

Whether you are looking for a full-time commitment in the business and see yourself making a very healthy income and scaling quickly or looking for a second income stream that you love there becoming a real estate agent can work for you. On the show, Brittiny describes how her passion for her family construction business as a little girl reignited when a friend suggested she should get into the real estate business.

Brittiny shares why she is so passionate about providing an amazing customer experience which often starts with letting families know how much equity they have in their homes. She and her team at The B Group love building a genuine rapport with their clients and helping them find the perfect home for their families.

Finding Individuals who Align with Your Business

Brittiny discusses what made her realize that to scale her business that she not only needed to outsource the admin side, but she also needed to build her team of real estate agents. She describes the process of letting go and how the lessons she learned during the first part of the journey enabled her to understand the importance of surrounding herself with people who have the same goals.

We discuss how we sometimes advance through our reverses and why reflecting on what didn’t work out as planned helps you build a picture of how you really want your business to be. As Brittiny advises in her coaching, when you have a picture in your mind of what you want your ideal company to look like, it’s much simpler to follow the path that leads you there. Having a big team made Brittiny realize that what she valued above anything was leading a small, tight-knit team of real estate agents who truly buy into the mission and vision behind The B Group.

Just Follow the Recipe!

Look at building your stellar real estate business like baking a cake. Stay with me here…some of us are making a chocolate cake, carrot cake, and some delicious lemon drizzle, but they all have the same essential ingredients and follow the same method.

If real estate agents, whatever their niche, use the right ingredients and follow the recipe, then they will be successful. When you put the work in and leverage the tried and tested method; you can make your business a success. Brittiny reveals some of the resources she used to catapult her business forward, and we discuss the importance of listening to advice and emulating the steps to success. When it comes down to it, f you pay attention to the lessons, put the work in, and add your unique qualities to the mix, then you can take your business to the next level.
Connecting with Clients

About Brittiny Howard:

I began selling homes at the ripe old age of twelve. I helped my mom sell our home to my best friend’s family.

My dad and granddad built a roofing and brick masonry business in my hometown of Memphis. I visited sites with my dad and learned about construction. I remember being on job sites as a little girl and watching the building of homes. I fell in love with the process of watching something go from a simple patch of land into a home for a family.

That awe-struck little girl became a single mom in her early 20s. I knew that I needed to be better, greater, faster to provide a good life for my little boy. I can remember counting nickels in a drive-through and thinking, “this struggle can’t be all there is to life.” I knew there had to be more. During this time of my life, I met my husband. He was a single dad of two great kids and lived about an hour away in Baton Rouge. The stars aligned. I’d had a job interview there and was offered an amazing job. After assuring my now-husband that I wasn’t a stalker (insert facepalm), my son and I moved to the Baton Rouge area.

Less than two years later, my husband proposed, and we began wedding planning. Our planning and wedding were bittersweet due to my dad’s failing health and being placed on hospice care. He died a month and four days after our wedding on Christmas Eve. I miss him every day.

I became a stay-at-home mom and added one more to our Brady bunch. As the kids grew and began activities, we decided that I needed to bring in an extra income. I became a real estate agent to take some of the pressure off of my husband. I always liked homes and helping people. I also wanted to take a yearly vacation with my family that didn’t take away from our household expenses. But it soon became more than just a second income for me.

Being a real estate agent reminded me of the passion I once had as a little girl. I love helping people. My goal became to help as many people as I could enjoy the wealth, stability, and pride of owning their own homes. One of my favorite things is telling my sellers how much equity they’ve gained in their first homes. In my first nine months, I sold 19 homes; the following year, I set an ambitious goal of one closing a week and sold 52 homes.

What I thought would be a fun way to get back to my roots and take a family vacation has become the career of my dreams. I’ve traveled and spoken internationally. I’ve won awards. I’ve lived my dream and my passion. Each time I enter a home, I can imagine the workers that built the houses. It reminds me of my childhood, tagging along with my dad and visiting work sites. In an odd way, real estate has allowed me to keep my connection with my dad. He’s gone but not forgotten.

Selling a home is hard. There are so many emotions involved with it. There are so many decisions to be made. Through our B Guided Home process, we take the fear out of your minds, relax and be at ease. We have your back. During our first consultation, we will help you with a pros and cons list. This list will help us decide if you should buy, renovate or build. Sometimes the home you’re in is the perfect home for you.

We have an extensive list of vetted professionals that can help turn your home into what you’ve been wanting. If your current home is no longer a fit for your family, we will search to find you the perfect home. We will go through the process of answering your questions. Our neighborhood guides will assist you in narrowing down the best area for your family.

If you’d like to learn more about Brittiny Howard, you can check out her website at You can also visit for more podcast episodes that will help you take your business, and your life, to new levels!

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