Being Intentional to Build a Business You Love, with Jamie Taylor

Episode 174:

Knowing how to be successful in real estate relies on making strategic choices so that you can move the needle professionally and have the dream life you envisioned! Intentionality and laser focus on your goals help you achieve a work-life balance while you scale your business and go to the next level in all areas of your life.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Jamie learned about the business of real estate appraisal and where she did her internship
  • Why Jamie got her real estate license but didn’t use it for several years
  • How Jamie’s knowledge of appraising real estate helped her sell homes
  • How Jamie built a professional network and good relationships in her industry and how they helped her business
  • The strategy Jamie followed when she opened her brokerage after just one year in real estate sales
  • How the I Hate Real Estate podcast came about and how it helps the real estate community
  • How you can make money giving expert testimony on real estate sales
  • How Jamie took her brand international with EXP

Be Intentional in Your Business

Being strategic, in addition to being knowledgeable, is the key to moving forward with a successful business and a life that you love. Oh my gosh have I got a treat for you this week — I’m so excited to have Jamie Taylor on the podcast to share her incredible journey from real estate appraiser to selling homes to building and scaling a successful brokerage.

Now Jamie is a true real estate unicorn! From appraiser to broker is a pretty unusual (and intense) path in the industry, but as Jamie reveals finding that elusive work-life balance wasn’t a bed of roses. We have a radically honest conversation about HOW we can achieve balance as a real estate professional despite its pressures and what Jamie has done to bring back a sense of joy and freedom to her role. She digs into why it’s essential to stop throwing stuff at the wall in your business to see what sticks and instead be intentional and strategic about the future.

Doubling down on your strengths and hiring out your weakness is a great way to move the needle in your organization — and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will serve your clients more effectively. Take a breath — you also need to appreciate the need for rest and recovery in your life; you operate better when you rest, you operate better when you are focused, and you can’t get focused if you’re not rested.

Once you have the systems in place to have extra time and energy in your professional day, you will be able to pour into somebody else, and that’s the beauty of the industry that we’re in.

Seize the Day for Success in Real Estate

None of us know what the future holds, and that has been made abundantly clear to the whole world over the last two years!

You may not know what challenges or opportunities are around the corner, but you can be intentional in your choices to start down the right path in your business. Jamie shares why she made the decision to join EXP Realty, explains why she felt like she broke out of the jail cell of constant work, and why this is going to be the year she intentionally grows her team and recruits new agents to help continue to live a life she loves.

Jamie continues to inspire me as I learn more about her and I’m so excited that she was able to join me to tell me more about her philosophy on being successful in the real estate industry. I’m so grateful she joined me on the show to share how building a local network allowed her to get involved in her community, add value, and circle back around to the passion she has for real estate and for authentically serving the local area.
How to be Successful in Real Estate

About Jamie Taylor

Jamie Tayor started her career in real estate as an appraiser – then, after nearly 12 years in the industry, she added a real estate license to the mix, followed closely by a broker’s license. From brokerage ownership, she transitioned to an international passive income opportunity and now focuses her attention full time on her passion for creatively pursuing real estate.

Jamie’s story highlights the versatility of a career in the real estate industry and shines a spotlight on the multitude of opportunities that sheer proximity and access to the niche provide. Real estate introduced Jamie to opportunities in networking, podcasting — all things she had never imagined she would have been interested in had she not stumbled upon them via – you guessed it – real estate.

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