Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021, with Erin Bradley

Episode 119:

How to be More Decisive: What You Will Learn:

  • Why decisiveness is the key to building a life you don’t need a vacation from
  • How to be more decisive and protect your time
  • How decisiveness relates to scheduling in the real estate business
  • Why committing to a simple structure in your week will make you a more effective real estate professional
  • Why your results are a byproduct of your energy
  • How to create a game plan to achieve the results you want in 2021
  • What it takes to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs so you can transform your life

How to be More Decisive as You Attack Business Planning Season

In my latest solocast, I thought it would be helpful to take a quick but deep dive into one of the most critical aspects of creating predictable growth in your business—decisiveness! If you learn how to be more decisive, you will find it easier to design and build a business that supports your dream life. That is the whole goal, right? To build a life you don’t need a vacation from? In this episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, I talk about the idea of decisiveness as it relates to building your schedule in 2021. Scheduling doesn’t have to be a scary word, and it is the key to maintaining persistence as you work toward your long-term goals!

Stop Reacting, Start Scheduling

Most real estate professionals are free-spirits. You got into this business for the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss! But a lot of you shudder at the thought of scheduling, time blocking, or anything related to structuring your day. The reactive mindset is very common, but if you learn how to be more decisive, you can start to protect your time, energy, happiness, and freedom! When you react, you shift your priorities to accommodate other people’s agendas. That is a surefire path to burnout. Instead, you should be following a gameplan that is clearly aligned with your vision and your goals. When that is in place, you are always making progress toward your goals!

Your Results are a Byproduct of Your Energy

It is easy to forget that all of your results are a byproduct of your energy. And how you manage your energy determines the level of difficulty you will experience as you work to achieve your results! When you learn how to be more decisive, you start every morning knowing what it’s going to take to win the day. Without a plan in place, that is not possible. Managing your energy becomes a struggle, and your energy can even be hijacked by other people’s agendas! What are you committed to doing in 2021 so you can produce the results you want? If you can make that decision now, you can come up with a simple gameplan to get you there.

How to be More Decisive | Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021

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