Breaking Into Real Estate, with Shayla Twit

Episode 172:

Breaking into real estate as a new career path can feel overwhelming, but guest expert Shayla Twit shares tips to make the process easier. Hear insights about:

  • How Shayla got started on her path as a real estate agent, and why breaking into real estate became Shayla’s number one goal
  • How Shayla’s career arc has progressed from the beginning to today, and what she has changed about how she does business as she has gained experience
  • What early challenges and struggles Shayla had to conquer when first breaking into real estate, and how she overcame those obstacles
  • Why getting to your first few sales is a process, and why it becomes easier and easier as you gain more experience and test new strategies
  • How Shayla found a balance between doing the necessary day-to-day work while also spending time developing her business and charting her future
  • How Shayla’s YouTube page has become an ideal platform for her high-quality content, and how she uses her videos as marketing and as a value add for her community
  • Why Shayla sets firm boundaries between work time and personal time, and why putting boundaries in place can help you appear more professional
  • How the challenges Shayla has faced have helped her refine her business practices and better prepare for the future, and how she defines “freedom”

Breaking Into Real Estate

If you’re a brand new real estate agent or you’re only beginning to consider making a career change, those early days can feel overwhelming. Not only is there so much to learn, but you have to hustle hard to land those first few sales. However, those early hurdles breaking into real estate can become easier to deal with when you have insights from someone who has already been there!

My guest this week is Shayla Twit, a thriving Sarasota, Florida-based real estate professional who got started in the industry in 2002 and who has since built a booming business for herself. Shayla knew very quickly that breaking into real estate was the right career path for her, but that early learning curve was steep. However, once she notched a few wins she began to focus on building out her business, and today Shayla has found a new level of personal, professional, and financial freedom thanks to her hard work.

In this week’s episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, Shayla shares how intentionality was a cornerstone of her business growth and getting past those awkward early days, and she explains why putting the right systems and processes in place has helped her grow her business faster and with less grinding. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced real estate professional, I know you’ll be able to draw valuable insights from my conversation with Shayla Twit!

Breaking Into Real Estate While Avoiding Common Early Pitfalls

As Shayla said, those first few sales are the most difficult. It can feel like a slow, painful process, but it’s also a learning experience that can give you the confidence and experience you need to start building significant successes for yourself and your business. For Shayla, it was important to not just get caught up in the day-to-day work but to also set aside time to get strategic about what she wanted her business to look like in the future. Being clear in your goals is crucial for charting a path to achieve them.

There’s a careful balance between the day-to-day and the long-term strategy parts of your business. While analysis paralysis is certainly a potential roadblock, so to is not spending enough time planning for the future and creating systems and processes to help you get there, says Shayla.

The secret is to understand your three precious business resources: money, time, and energy. Think of all three as different kinds of currency that all have the power to grow your business. As the leader of your business, you should be focusing your time on the things that make the biggest difference. However, the necessary but minor day-to-day tasks don’t offer enough payoff for the amount of time you have to spend on them, so instead spend money to pay someone else to do those tasks.

Early in any real estate agent’s career, they typically have greater access to time and energy than they do money, so they grind harder. However, at a certain tipping point, time and energy become much more limited resources. That’s when money becomes the key to how to grow the real estate business fast.

Focus on Being Helpful and Adding Value

When you’re breaking into real estate, finding a platform that fits your ideals and interests and then creating regular, consistent content can help establish yourself as a trusted ally and professional in your niche. Shayla has turned her YouTube channel into a powerful platform to get her message out, to market herself and her business, and to add value for her clients, prospects, and community.

The key is to focus on how you can be helpful, what unique value you can offer, and then turning that value into posts, videos, blogs, or other content that your audience can easily access. Shayla’s focus on being helpful comes through in her videos, which keeps her audience coming back for more, time after time. And that trusted relationship can pay dividends in referrals and in helping you build a reputation you can be proud of!

If you’d like to learn more about Shayla Twit and the work she does, please visit her website. Don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel as well, to see how Shayla is creating content that gets results! And as always, check out for other great podcast episodes and interviews with industry professionals!


About Shayla Twit:

Shayla Twit has been a highly recognized & sought-after Sarasota, Florida top Realtor since ’02. Her repeat & referral clients have consistently given her 5-star reviews as being dedicated, communicative, hard-working & always having her clients’ best interests at the forefront.

She & her team work hard but also very efficiently. Her years of hyper-focused market knowledge & advanced advertising techniques have placed her as a top performer amongst her peers. When deciding upon the right Sarasota Realtor to work with, rest assured, Shayla has the track record to prove that she will move you through the most challenging of markets with professionalism & confidence.

Whether you’re at the stage of life where you are interested in selling your home to downsize into a beachfront condo or are finally ready to purchase your luxury second home here in the sun, Shayla & her exceptionally proactive & in-demand team can assist you with any and all circumstances with ease. Specializing in absentee & snowbird clients, she is an absolute pro when it comes to working virtually from contract to closing. Rest assured you’ll never need to hop on a plane if not preferred!

But certainly don’t trust her word for it – check out her average 5-star reviews on Google, Zillow, and LinkedIn.

Shayla is also honored & proud to have such an incredibly rich & diverse culture at her fingertips within the Coldwell Banker international family. Her Brokerage affords her & her team immense opportunities with ongoing education as well as consistent agent-to-agent referrals from around the globe. Their high quality, user-friendly tools, global reach & state of the art platforms offered to the agents & their clients, are second to none. Aiming to always under-promise & over-deliver both Shayla & Coldwell Banker will not disappoint.

Shayla has also been recognized by the Wall Street Journal & many other recognized publications worldwide as being a top Sarasota realtor to call on for your selling or purchasing needs.

Her CLHMS {Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist}, Top 1000, Five Star Professional, Florida 100 & other accolades have only come to fruition because her clients have trusted her over & over again.

Shayla was born & raised in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Graduated with a B.S. degree in both business & French. She is conversational in Turkish & is fluent in French. Dogs are her passion & she contributes in her downtime to the Lakewood Ranch Humane Society as much as possible. Shayla is also big into fitness & enjoys making others laugh!

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