Building Wealth Through Real Estate, with Tamar Hermes

Episode 142:

As a real estate agent, building wealth through real estate investments may be the ideal way to create financial freedom. Hear insights about:

  • How Tamar grew up in a very poor family, and how building wealth through real estate became a powerful vehicle for Tamar to create time and financial freedom as an adult
  • Why investing in real estate may be a great option for you as a real estate agent, and why Tamar sees money as a tool rather than the end goal itself
  • Why creating resources for her family proved to be a big motivating factor in Tamar’s journey toward the goal of financial freedom
  • How learning the investing side of real estate can allow you to add value to your clients as well as fortify your own financial health
  • Why Tamar doesn’t believe that money is the root of all evil but rather sees money “the river that waters growth”
  • What Tamar’s current investment portfolio looks like, and how she is primarily focused on passive investing
  • What educational options Tamar offers for students in her course, one-on-one and mastermind programs
  • How to learn more about Tamar’s real estate investing coaching, reach out to Tamar, and learn more about her Real Deal Formula

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

This week’s guest on the Pursuing Freedom podcast isn’t a high-performing real estate agent. Tamar Hermes is a real estate investing teacher who focuses on helping women develop the skills and knowledge they need for building wealth through real estate and creating true financial freedom.

“But Erin!” I hear you asking, “what does that have to do with me? I’m not an investor, I’m an agent!” You know my goal each week is to bring you content that has a positive impact on your life, your financial independence, and your long-term future, and that’s exactly why I’m so excited to introduce you to Tamar.

Tamar grew up in poverty as the daughter of a survivor of the Holocaust, and she resolved early on to change her fate. When she discovered real estate investing, it was like a lightbulb turned on. Now, Tamar is known as the Wealth Warrior Woman, and she teaches others the strategies she used to build her own wealth and create financial freedom for herself and for her family.

Tamar doesn’t believe that “money is the root of all evil”. Instead, she sees money as “the river that waters growth”. For Tamar, money is a tool, a resource that allows her the freedom to live the life she wants. If she wants to work extra hard that day, she does. If she wants to kick back and relax, she does. The passive income she has created from building wealth through real estate investing affords her the freedom to pursue her interests and afford whatever she may want. This money mindset has been a key component in Tamar’s success and the foundation she uses to help others learn to replicate that success for themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about Tamar Hermes and the educational products and services she offers and get started building your own wealth through real estate investing, please visit her website at

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

About Tamar Hermes

Tamar Hermes is a full-time Real Estate Investor, educator, and money coach. She is the CEO and founder of Wealth Warrior Woman, where she guides women to become financially free through Real Estate Investing and creating an empowering relationship to money.

Tamar grew up poor as the child of a Holocaust survivor and had no idea how people got rich. By chance, she stumbled upon Real Estate investing and became obsessed with the world of finance. While Tamar’s portfolio is extensive today, she enjoys passive investments including Private Money lending earning her a 12-20% annualized return.

Tamar coaches clients across the country and blogs for Bigger Pockets while hunting for her next deal. Tamar’s desire is to support women to be free to choose how they spend their life and have the means to afford whatever they desire for themselves, their families, and others. She believes Real Estate Investing is the best way to grow wealth. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Austin where she is enjoying the small city life and no state taxes!

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