Building Stronger Relationships in Real Estate, with Leigh Brown

Episode 144:

Building stronger relationships can accelerate your business. The key is to put clients first, and the money will find you. Hear insights about:

  • Why one of the key lessons Leigh’s dad taught her is that “if you take care of people the right way, the money will find you”
  • Why observing and understanding how others feel about their real estate transaction can give you invaluable insights into building stronger relationships
  • Why being authentic and starting conversations is the best way to begin calls with people, and why focusing on the people and not the leads is crucial
  • Why communicating authentically is a powerful skill, especially during and after the pandemic when people are craving genuine connections
  • Why adding value and leading with curiosity can help you build relationships and become a trusted advisor for your clients
  • How Leigh sees herself as a resource and a collaborative partner who can help create wins for everyone she works with
  • Leigh shares a powerful tip for strengthening your relationships by asking “do you want me to solve this, or do you just want me to listen?”

Building Stronger Relationships

Leigh Brown has an infectious positive energy, and a passion for helping others that shines through in everything she does, from her international motivational speaking to her work as one of the top selling REALTORS® in the Charlotte, North Carolina market. The main pillar of Leigh’s success is her talent in building stronger relationships, with clients and external partners, with buyers and sellers.

Leigh believes that your primary motivation shouldn’t be money, and that if you put the people first, the money will come to you. That’s a key lesson her dad taught her on her very first day as part of the real estate business, and it is a lesson she lives by to this day! For Leigh, being the connective tissue between people and the solutions they need is invigorating.

Leigh also believes that being authentic and leading with curiosity can foster trust and strengthen any relationship. Her prospects aren’t leads, they’re people… with their own goals, worries and roadblocks. By keeping that fact in mind and treating them as people rather than as transactions, Leigh excels at building stronger relationships.

Business Tips From a Supermom

In addition to the many other things Leigh is juggling at any given moment, she’s also a fantastic mom. And one of the tips Leigh has learned from being a mother to a teenager that has helped her in all areas of her life is to ask the question, “do you want me to help or do you just want me to listen?”

Not only has that strengthened her relationship with her daughter, it has also helped in her business. Because in Leigh’s experience, very often people are able to find their own solutions and just need a sounding board or a sympathetic shoulder. Just listening shows that you care about them and that you are ready to support them through whatever they’re facing, and oftentimes that makes all the difference!

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Building Stronger Relationships

About Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown is an international motivational speaker who happens to be hilarious in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way. Leigh is also one of the top-selling REALTORS® in the Charlotte, North Carolina real estate market. With the 2020 launch of One Community Real Estate®, Leigh continues her mission to support and develop REALTORS® who are both leaders and advocates in their own communities while still striving to serve buyers and sellers as their REALTOR® advocate. Leigh is in the RPAC Hall of Fame x3 (high five if you know what that is).

A wife. A mama. With three cats available for adoption. Runner, singer and pianist, who enjoys cooking, gardening and needlepoint (yes, Leigh says she is an old Southern woman). A child of God and a follower of Jesus. Trying to get life right, one mistake at a time.

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