Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset, with Nneka Jenkins

Episode 145:

Abundance vs. scarcity mindset can literally make all the difference to your business and your success, depending on which you choose. Hear insights about:

  • How Nneka first got involved in real estate five years ago, and how she got over her fears to go full time in the business with her husband three years ago
  • Why one of the biggest challenges Nneka had to overcome was understanding abundance vs. scarcity mindset and pushing herself out of scarcity
  • How Nneka learned that she “plays small” as a self-defense mechanism, and how she pushed past her fears
  • Why shifting your perspective and recognizing your gifts can completely transform your outlook
  • How Nneka broke out of her preconceived ideas about what being a wife and mom “should” look like, and how she and her husband made some powerful realizations about expectations
  • Why Nneka is excited by the opportunity to help others through the experiences she has had in her own journey and the lessons she has learned
  • Why delegating responsibility has been a powerful resource that has helped Nneka get more done more effectively
  • How Nneka has leaned into her “sphere of influence” to do more deals, and how she manages her client relationships with CRM tracking
  • How Nneka has hit her stride and is comfortable with her current level of growth, and why she is increasingly focusing on marketing

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

Nneka Jenkins is an extraordinarily successful REALTOR® based in California. She has seen outstanding growth even during the challenges of the global pandemic… which is all the more impressive when you find out that she has only been working full time in real estate for three years!

So how did Nneka achieve such rapid success and built out a small team of outstanding employees to fuel that growth? It was all about abundance vs. scarcity mindset. Nneka realized that she was holding herself back and seeing things through a lens of scarcity, and she was allowing her fears to keep her from tapping into her full potential.

By working to shift her mindset to one of abundance, by recognizing her special skills and natural talents, and by leaning into her relationships, Nneka was able to overcome her fears. Abundance vs. scarcity mindset really does make that much a difference to your success!

Setting Her Own Expectations

During our conversation, one of the things that Nneka admitted to struggling with was her preconceived notions about what it means to be a successful wife and mom. Nneka had to have a personal epiphany about why setting her own vision of success was far more important than allowing her preconceptions to define success for her. And she had to break through her fear and begin truly believing in her capabilities.

This key realization allowed Nneka to push herself farther and take a chance on herself. And that’s when the magic happened! When we “get out of our own heads” and see the world as full of possibilities and opportunities, we are able to achieve things we never thought possible. Mindset is so important, as Nneka has shown us! That’s the difference between a mindset of abundance vs. scarcity mindset!

If you’d like to learn more about the incredible Nneka Jenkins, her family and her rockstar team, please visit her website at www.thejenkins.co.

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

About Nneka Jenkins

As a first-generation American, Nneka Jenkins knows how priceless it is to come home. The go-to person amongst friends for real estate, property management, and investment advice long before she was a Realtor, Nneka has been working and investing in real estate for over seven years. She prides herself on her professional reputation as an agent dedicated to fairness and transparency, and for her ability to quickly fulfill her clients’ needs. Her MBA from the University of Arizona and extensive background in business have made her into a master negotiator who builds trust and rapport effortlessly while working hard to tip the scales in her clients’ favor.

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