The Realtor-Lender Relationship, with Phil Treadwell

Episode 88:

Best Mortgage Lenders: What You Will Learn:

  • How to niche down in the real estate industry
  • Why the best mortgage lenders show up as *partners*
  • How to build a brand that differentiates you within a market
  • How to build your messaging strategy and pick the right platform
  • How lenders are becoming a part of the business development process
  • What makes an ideal lender partner

Find the Right Lending Partner

Phil Treadwell is a Regional VP with Mason McDuffie, host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert Podcast, and co-host of the podcast collective Industry Syndicate. He shares insights to help realtors maximize their potential by stepping up their game as a marketer. He also discusses the dynamic of lender-realtor relationships and what they should look like. Realtors should be seeking lenders who are more than transactional. Mortgage advisors should be participating in the business development process, rather than waiting for agents to find the clients and pass them to the loan officer. Phil offers a unique perspective on working with lenders who show up as partners, you don’t want to miss this one!

Niche Down

The best real estate professionals understand the importance of niche. Many people in our industry are hesitant or fearful to narrow their focus, but some of the most successful agents I know are very specific about what they are good at and who they want to serve! Finding a niche can help you differentiate yourself within a market. It can help you become recognizable for one particular thing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do other things well too! Your niche should be something you wake up every day and want to do. It should support your natural strengths and align with your dream life. Once you figure out what that niche is and who you’re talking to, you can build a brand around that.

Realtor-Lender Synergy

In today’s world, the best mortgage professionals are focused on so much more than simply ‘getting deals’ from realtors. There is a responsibility for mortgage lenders to step up their game and become a part of the business development process. Realtors should partner with lenders who understand what is happening in the industry and vice versa. It is okay to fork over some of your hard-earned leads if your partner is able and willing to do the same for you! Find a lender who positions their brand in a similar light. Find a partner who operates with the same style and same goals because it will create a synergy that produces consistent results on both sides.

Best Mortgage Lenders

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About Phil Treadwell

Phil Treadwell was born and raised in a rural area of SW Missouri, where his mom was a teacher and his dad owned a residential construction company. He graduated high school and went to the University of Arkansas before leaving college after just a few semesters, but he later went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management at John Brown University. Phil gained some extremely valuable career skills in his first jobs before starting his mortgage career, including a retail store general manager, a corporate recruiter, and an apprentice in residential construction.

Phil has held positions as a Sr. Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS), and was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Association of Mortgage Professionals (AAMP). He also held an Independent Mortgage Broker license, and owned/operated his own company before selling it to the largest mortgage lender in the country at the time. He was the top originator in a multi-state region with that company during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, and spent time after that as Business Development Manager opening offices throughout the South and Southeast regions of the US. Since 2013, he has built offices throughout the Central Region and worked with some of the top mortgage banking talent in the business. In May 2019 Phil found a home at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage where they are working to help their team thrive in a modern mortgage industry that many are struggling to find their place in.

Throughout his life, Phil has been fortunate to be surrounded by people who taught him the importance of education, both in and out of the classroom. He was taught to always seek out information that will help get him where he wants to go. Having a coach or mentor is allowing someone to take their own experience and convey it to you as wisdom. Much of what Phil has been able to accomplish in his professional life is a direct result of that.

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