Niche Down and Build a Business That Builds Your Dream Life, with Michael Glaspie

Episode 87:

Veteran Real Estate Agent: What You Will Learn:

  • Michael’s journey into the real estate business
  • What it means to be a true veteran real estate agent
  • How Michael started his real estate career on active duty
  • How Michael and his business partner developed a unique business model by niching down and focusing on military veterans
  • The marketing strategy that has enabled Michael and his partner to get to $19M in volume
  • How to build a brand that resonates
  • Michael’s perspective on investing in different geographic markets
  • How Michael expanded his reach to out of state investors

A True Veteran Real Estate Agent

At just thirty years old, Michael Glaspie is quite literally a veteran real estate agent. He is the co-founder of Five Pillars Realty Group, co-host of Military Cashflow, the author of an upcoming book, and he is a real estate investor with over forty doors! It has been an interesting journey for Michael so far. He got into real estate and niched down like no one else, and he adds immense value to all of his client relationships. On top of that, Michael is serving his fellow military veterans in the pursuit of time and financial freedom. Michael embodies everything Pursuing Freedom is about and he brings so much to the table in our discussion!

“As a veteran real estate agent, I wanted to build a brand that attracts the right audience and the right clientele.”

Niche Down with Your Investment Strategy

Michael ended his career with the military in January of 2020, but he was already a veteran real estate agent because most of the accomplishments listed above were made while Michael was on active duty. He realized that if he could use his military problem-solving skills in real estate, the sky was the limit. As time went on, Michael met his business partner (who is also a veteran) and they built an agency of like-minded veterans who understood how to navigate all of the problems they had investing in real estate on active duty. By finding a specific niche and catering to a specific demographic, Michael and his team were creating repeat customers left and right!

Build a Brand That Resonates

A veteran real estate agent knows how to adjust his or her investment strategy, so it doesn’t matter what market you’re in—if you can find an investor-client, you can service a repeat customer. But getting to $19M in volume requires more than a great business model. From a marketing standpoint, Michael and his partner built the Five Pillars brand around the idea that they are an investment-centric team. Every agent has been in the military or affiliated with the military, with a background in investing or intent to invest. All of their communications and messaging circles back to the notion that they’re in business to cater to the investor, and by niching down, Michael has seen immense growth since he first started in this business!

Veteran Real Estate Agent

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About Michael Glaspie

    Michael Glaspie has spent the majority of his military career as a trainer and consultant in some capacity. He is currently working on his MBA at UNC-Chapel Hill to further refine his business acumen with the intent to develop his ability to help entrepreneurs and investors think creatively and strategically. Easy to guess, his favorite TV show (when he actually watches TV) is Shark Tank. And his favorite movie, guessed it…Beverly Hills Ninja with Chris Farley. If you haven’t seen it….you are very welcome.

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