Asking Others For Help, with Erin Bradley

Episode 149:

Asking others for help? Real estate professionals often struggle with doing it, but it can be the key to unlocking your potential for success. Hear insights about:

  • Why Erin recommends you read “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan, and what important lessons you can draw from the book
  • Why people often become the bottleneck that holds them back from unlocking their full potential for success, and why asking others for help can transform your life
  • Why you should ask yourself who can help you achieve more, instead of asking yourself how you will get there
  • What steps you can take to better manage your energy, focus on positivity, and attract new opportunities
  • Why procrastination is a key indicator that maybe asking others to help you with that aspect of your life is a good idea
  • How asking others for help can create a positive domino effect on your time, your energy and your mindset
  • What key questions to ask yourself to help you recognize where in your life asking others for help can benefit you
  • Erin offers a suggestion to pay attention to your work and life over the next week and identify areas of resistance that are draining you

Asking Others For Help

It takes a special kind of person to strike out on their own as an entrepreneur. Doing so requires a lot of guts, tenacity, ambition, drive, and willpower. And, while those are all great qualities to have, they can also cause us to get in our own way. It’s very easy to convince ourselves that we’re the only ones who can do things “the right way,” and so we try to wear every hat ourselves.

So what happens? We become the bottleneck to our own success. There are only so many hours in a week, and when we spread ourselves too thin across those precious hours we can find our energy drained and our motivation sapped.

In this week’s “solocast” episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, I want to talk to you about the importance of asking others for help, and I want to share with you the transformative power doing so can have on your business…and your life!

Identifying Areas Where Others Can Help

Do you ever feel anxiety or even dread, when you look at your calendar and see certain tasks coming up? Do you think “Ugh, I really don’t want to have to do that, I’ll put it off until tomorrow?” The activities that make us feel that way are different for everyone, but the end result is the same: the wind gets sucked right out of our sails.

These tasks, the ones you know you want to put off or avoid, might be ideal places where asking others for help can make all the difference! Consider what would change in your life if you knew you could give someone else that task and they would execute on it. What would you do with that extra time? Would not having to face the things you don’t like doing give you back some of your precious time and energy? What sort of positive domino effect would not having to do that thing have on your mindset and your life?

Asking Others For Help Isn’t About Weakness

Really, it’s about prioritizing your time. Asking others for help with the things you don’t love doing can free you to focus on the fun parts, the things you feel the most energized and excited about, and the things that can really move the needle forward for your business. Hiring someone to spend an hour or two each week focusing on the things you feel anxious about has such a positive impact on your energy and your motivation!

I strongly encourage you to read “Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork” by Dan Sullivan. In it, the author shares tips and strategies for asking others for help with the areas that drain your energy, so that you can spend more time focusing on the things you’re really passionate about! You don’t have to grind harder, and you can get more done in less time!

Asking Others For Help

About Erin Bradley

Erin Bradley is a speaker and business coach, bestselling author, and host of the real estate podcast Pursuing Freedom. As a mortgage lender, Erin learned the hard way just how hard entrepreneurship and success in sales can be. From flat broke to 6-figures, and then to burnout, Erin and her team have been through it all! Erin operates under the mindset that you never give up, and you never settle, in life or in business. Anything is possible when you have the right mindset, great systems, and an amazing team. Erin is passionate about helping others design their ideal life, then create a business that is a vehicle to support that lifestyle, rather than rob you of it. And she’s on a mission to help you believe in, and achieve your biggest dreams!

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