Control Your Mindset, Manage Your Energy

Episode 67:

In 2007, I became self-employed in pursuit of “freedom and flexibility.” Unfortunately, I did so with no game plan and no safety net to speak of. By 2008, I was so broke, I had to ride my bicycle to meet a new client as I didn’t have money for gas. When my card was declined for a small coffee as the client walked through the door (and bought my coffee), I realized something had to give…

I spent the next 3 years studying the habits of highly successful entrepreneurs, and ultimately developed a strategy to promote my value in a way that felt authentic, easy and FUN! We also started investing in real estate, which now affords us the opportunity to live our dream life, in our dream home. (It’s easier than you might think!)

By 2012, I’d gone from broke to 6 figures… and I promptly burned out. I had no systems in place to manage the growth and found myself trading my time for money. Pregnant with our second child, I was drowning in life, and in business. I tried convincing myself to be “grateful” because we finally had money to pay the bills, but I was ready to throw in the towel altogether.

Luckily, I didn’t quit! I sought help, built systems, and started hiring. By 2015, the business had doubled again. Today, our business continues to grow and I do much less in order to do much more. I focus on the essential and show others how to do the same!

What You Will Learn:

  • Why we struggle with controlling our mindset and managing our energy
  • Three strategies that will help you attain your goals under any circumstances
  • How your belief system affects what’s available to you
  • How your daily rituals and processes can help you attract success
  • Why your daily activities either energize you or drain you
  • The importance of being proactive in managing your energy

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Manage Your Energy

As I work through my business planning workshops for the year, I am focusing heavily on the concept of energy management. Many of us are ramping up our business planning as we head into the fall season, but there is a common theme that hasn’t been addressed. In the real estate industry, it is a struggle to master our mindset and manage our energy in a way that propels us forward. Failing to do so prevents us from accomplishing all of the goals we have in our personal and professional lives.

I am seeing a lot of agents who are burnt out because they don’t feel like they’re in control of their day. So, I put together a few strategies to help you bring maximum energy to every encounter in your lives. I want to help you look at your belief systems, your daily processes, and how your daily activities impact your ability to operate at full capacity. These strategies helped me push through the same challenges you are facing right now.

Belief Systems

You might be telling yourself that the only way to succeed in this business is to work around the clock with your best foot forward, even if you’re struggling behind closed doors. Many of you are entrepreneurs who left a steady paycheck in pursuit of something bigger. However, the only way you will acquire it is if you acknowledge that it’s available to you.

Smash your limiting beliefs and commit! You are in the driver seat of your life and it is easy to forget. Our income is tied to our belief system about money and what is available to us. Think about a dollar amount that would drastically improve your life and take note of all the negativity that follows it. Why is that? What causes us to doubt our ability to attain that number?

There is no good answer other than your frame of mind. Ignore the limiting beliefs and focus on why you can achieve your goals. Your subconscious will figure out a way to get there if you can get out of your own way! Changing your processes can make a dramatic impact on your ability to do that, which is what we will discuss next.


Many of you know that I am an avid reader, and I attribute the growth of my belief system to the books I have read. We don’t magically wake up in a good mood, confident, and ready to take on the day. There are things you can do to pull yourself out of the overwhelming anxiety, stress, and negative emotion to kick the day’s ass.

You need to meditate. When you take the time to pause, you gain awareness which gives you clarity. You get to choose the course of your day and visualize your goals. It helps us avoid becoming a passenger and take charge of the day. That will ensure you are living out your belief system in every decision and every encounter you make! You come across more opportunities with awareness and decisiveness, and you carry yourself differently when you practice gratitude.


The activities that we do on a daily basis either energize us or drain us entirely. Energy radiates and has a ripple effect so you want to be a lighthouse for your business. You need to have so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work and the phones will be ringing off the hooks. Again, it begins with you, and who you choose to be starting today. From there, you can find different ways to manage your energy so that you’re attracting success instead of seeking it.

Go through your agenda from yesterday and the day before. Look at your previous to-do lists and the boxes you checked. Consider how each task is affecting your mood and decide what to do about them moving forward. Even things like ‘getting lunch with a friend’ should be considered because, although it’s not work, it fills up your energy bucket!

You want to plan your day around an abundance of activities that fill your bucket and strategically placing tasks that drain you. This way, you are operating at max capacity, enabling you to bring the highest-level version of yourself to every situation. Your daily activities play a significant role in determining your energy, but you are in complete control of them!