The Law of Attraction as a Strategy for Your Real Estate Business, with Julie Reddington

Episode 66:

Julie is the epitome of a true professional: committed to exceeding her clients’ expectations, and having fun along the way! At her core, Julie is committed to building deep, long-lasting relationships and has attracted an amazing tribe of loyal fans along the way. Buyers and sellers alike consistently appreciate her ability to listen attentively and understand their goals, then go above and beyond to deliver. And her colleagues love her for her willingness to share her wisdom as a mentor and friend. With her tireless work ethic and magnetic personality, she brings the best out of every real estate transaction!

Julie builds relationships on trust and mutual respect, and therefore creates and maintains long-lasting relationships with clients. Julie is a high quality, innovative and expert real estate agent. She is a member of The National Association of Realtors, is an Accredited Buyers Representative and Relocation Specialist (ABR), and Certified in Negotiation skills (CNE).

Julie is very connected in many social and networking groups. She believes that the more joy you experience and share with the world, the more happiness and success you’ll attract! She relocated from the UK several years ago and has developed a community to help people relocate and settle here in Denver.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why the time to start your real estate career is NOW
  • Julie’s experience entering the real estate market in the economic downturn
  • How to identify the type of client you want to work with
  • The importance of identifying your own strengths before you pick a niche
  • The tools you need to develop discipline in your process
  • How to get out of a funk and into a deal flow
  • Why you need to bring FUN back into your business
  • The importance of personal development

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The Law of Attraction as a Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

In this industry, there is a lot of noise about the “keys to success.” There are so many great strategies available to us, but the best approach for you is determined by your unique strengths. As humans,  a lot of us are wired to look at what’s wrong with us rather than what makes us great. It is the reason a lot of us struggle early in our careers. But if you are willing to surrender your fears, practice discipline, and change your mindset, you can achieve the time and financial freedom that you want.

Julie Reddington has been an agent here in the states since roughly 2006. She left the UK with her husband and started climbing her way to the top of Colorado’s real estate market shortly after she arrived. But let’s make one thing clear—it was NOT an easy road! It took a lot of personal development and discipline to reach the level of top producing Broker Associate with Colorado Home Realty.

Identify Your Strengths

Like many of us, Julie struggled to identify her strengths in the beginning, but once she tapped into them, business started flowing. She changed her mindset, acknowledged what made her great, and committed to a path where she could leverage her gifts. She also started having more fun in the process! It is easy to write that off when it’s coming from a person who has already achieved success, but when you are feeling fearful or stuck, you are the only person who can change that. You need the tools and the knowledge to get out of your rut, and veterans like Julie are the best resources because they face the same challenges as you—they just have more experience overcoming them!

Bring Fun Back into Your Business

Our freedom is a double-edged sword because we wake up every morning and determine how we are going to spend our day, and many of us get carried away on the agendas of everyone else, falling prey to the hamster wheel of success. But when you know your strengths, you can create a productive schedule that preserves your happiness and sanity. The key is knowing how to manage your energy. If you can intentionally sprinkle some fun into your day, you’ll bring a higher energy and more magnetic version of yourself to every interaction. You become a beacon, or a lighthouse, attracting the success you’re seeking, rather than feeling like you’re hunting for it.

Energy management is the name of the game because, by the Law of Attraction, the energy we put into the ether will attract similar energy in our lives. In real estate, the magic happens when you’re having fun. And when the energy is flowing, the business is flowing as well. For some of us, discipline is a dirty word, but you can practice discipline by regimenting your day with activities that fill your bucket. Remember, like the changing seasons, there will be periods of life and growth and periods of stagnation in our industry. Learn from the people around you and bring some joy back into your business—you will not fail!