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Pursuing Freedom: Be Yourself, increase your referrals and have more fun growing your business!
By Erin Bradley

Your one stop shop for Freedom!


We teach our clients how to build wealth through Real Estate investing. Erin and her husband have always said that keeping their first home as a rental property was the best accident that ever happened to them! It was not part of the initial game plan, yet today, Erin and her family are living the life of their dreams, thanks to passive income from real estate. Our goal is to inspire our clients to think bigger, and pursue the life of YOUR dreams! Click here to schedule a mortgage consultation.


Through a weekly podcast, we interview top producing realtors nationwide, in order to bring you their best practices, habits and success strategies. Because every business owner has their own unique personality and brand, there's so much we can learn from one another! Pursuing Freedom is about creating community, collaboration, and inspiration. It's about helping you achieve freedom faster than you could ever dream possible! Join us here. To follow our podcast, click here. And if you're interested in being a guest on the show, apply here. We look forward to connecting with you!


Whether you're hungry for more business, or you're maxed out and overwhelmed, we can relate! We've been there, and it's our mission to help you. We're passionately appreciative of how hard you work, and how much value you bring to the world. We will provide you a simple strategy to overcome your fears, and crush your goals, all while having more fun than ever before! Click here to sign up for a free consultation.


In a group call setting, Erin covers a variety of topics from sales strategies, to building systems, to time management, and beyond. Everything you need to build a business that fits your lifestyle! Membership also gives you access to a closed Facebook community, where you can share ideas, challenges, and dreams with your peers! Click here to sign up.