Transform your business with Transaction ‘Concierge’ services, with Janine Valentine

Episode 53:

As you may know, Pursuing Freedom is all about creating both time AND financial freedom through real estate. In this episode, we meet Janine Valentine, founder of Key TC Services in Colorado,  a self proclaimed transaction CONCIERGE. I get it. Delegation can be scary. But have you ever stopped to think you might not be gifted at EVERY aspect of the sales cycle in real estate? And that some activities actually drain and deplete you? Maybe you could have more energy if someone kept you organized? And with that energy, you would certainly attract more amazing clients to your business! A lot of folks are afraid of hiring help. They wait and wait, as their business endures the ebbs and flows, not realizing your business would be SO much more consistent if you’re weren’t bogged down with all the minutia that arises with each new file! Open your mind to the idea that outsourcing will not only help you grow your business, it will bring more joy into your life! Learn what’s possible with this interview, and then go find someone to help YOU! Enjoy. 🙂

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