A fascinating and innovative approach to wealth building through real estate investing!, with Chris Prefontaine

Episode 54:

Wow! I absolutely loved this interview with Chris Prefontaine, host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, and author of 2 bestsellers, “The New Rules of Real Estate” and “Real Estate on Your Terms.” In this episode of the Pursuing Freedom Podcasts, we dig deep into everything from surviving 2008-2009 to rebounding and re-inventing. Post-recession, Chris developed an innovative strategy that has helped him build massive wealth, passive income, and a successful business that will leave a legacy. Now a family business, they have gone on to develop a training program to teach others to do the same. As we’ve discussed on the podcast before, being a successful realtor isn’t just about closing transactions; it’s about having knowledge that allows you to be a resource to your clients far beyond closing. Learning from folks like Chris simply empowers us to give more value to our clients, and educate them on ways that they too can leverage real estate to build their future and create financial FREEDOM! I loved Chris’ passion and authenticity, and I’m sure you will too! Enjoy!

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