Grow Your Online Presence and Build a Killer Team, with Stuart Crowell and Delroy Gill

Episode 90:

Top Real Estate Teams: What You Will Learn:

  • Stuart and Delroy’s journey with Live Distinct, DenverGents, and Agent Daily Dose
  • Why Stuart and Delroy decided to start a team in the first place
  • How Stuart and Delroy’s similarities and differences play into the team dynamic
  • Where Stuart and Delroy seek counsel and mentorship
  • How the growth of their online presence has impacted their businesses
  • How Stuart and Delroy maintain brand consistency across all of their social media
  • What real estate agents can expect signing up for Agent Daily Dose

The Power of Partnerships

Stuart Crowell and Delroy Gill are transforming the landscape of the Denver real estate market as they work to become one of the top real estate teams in 2020. Since people do not buy or sell real estate the same way they used to, Stuart and Delroy have seized the opportunity to engage and communicate with potential buyers in entirely new ways! New buyer behaviors demand new marketing methods, so Stuart and Delroy have harnessed the power of storytelling, teamwork, and community involvement to build their strategy. They are the team leaders of the Live Distinct brand, co-founders of the DenverGents nonprofit, and the creators of the real estate coaching organization, Agent Daily Dose. By helping their clients find properties based on lifestyle and livability, they bring a unique flavor to the market that is changing the realtor-client dynamic in the Denver area!

Team Energy

The top real estate teams are top producers, so Stuart and Delroy’s goal for 2020 is to close $75M in volume. With a combined 10 years’ experience, Stuart and Delroy joined forces in order to cast the widest net possible. They realized that a successful business requires support, whether in the form of a business partner or assistants. When you are trying to net high volume, it is extremely easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day tasks that prevent you from producing. Having some level of support or partnership will free you up to hit your goals. It may happen organically or you may have to seek it out. Regardless of how it’s structured, the energy of a team atmosphere will take your business to a new level.

Team Chemistry

Stuart and Delroy have proven that, with the right chemistry, you can find a rhythm and achieve great success. One of the main reasons Live Distinct is rising to the top of the Denver real estate market is because they are both go-getters. They don’t fuss over secondary responsibilities, and they check their egos at the door. Stuart and Delroy aren’t concerned with revenue alone; they are concerned with providing the highest level of value to their clients as they possibly can. Find a partner whose differences and similarities bring you closer to that type of vision, and nothing will stop you!

Top Real Estate Teams

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About Stuart Crowell and Delroy Gill

Stuart Crowell and Delroy Gill are creating a shift in the Denver residential real estate market. The way real estate is bought and sold is changing, and with that change brings opportunities for sellers to engage with potential buyers in new and unique ways. For too long, real estate marketing methods have been dormant and non-effective, at the expense of the client. Their vision is to offer their clients truly unique and effective strategies when it comes to marketing the lifestyle and liveability of a home, or finding a hidden purchase opportunity.

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