The Power of Storytelling in Real Estate, with Tracey Hicks

Episode 62:

A Realtor since 2005 and the co-owner of Dwell Realty (along with partner Chris Guinn III), Tracey Hicks created the first Homebuyer Journal back in 2011 in an effort to help her buyer clients stay organized. The response was overwhelming, and inspired Tracey to launch All Things Real Estate, an innovative and fun merchandise and branding company for Realtors.

What You Will Learn:

  • Tracey Hicks’ story and how she got into real estate
  • Why Tracey decided to go into real estate after she already had an established career
  • How Tracey discovered her passion for entrepreneurship
  • All Things Real Estate, what they do, and why you need to know who they are
  • Tracey’s experience at the National Association of Realtors Conference
  • How to articulate your expertise to clients and prospects
  • The art of storytelling and brand development in real estate
  • How Tracey structured her business and team

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The Power of Storytelling in Real Estate

Many people questioned Tracey Hicks’ decision to go into real estate at age thirty-five. For some reason, it was hard for them to wrap their heads around the idea of changing careers that “late” in the game. But Tracey wasn’t deterred by any means. She jumped in with both feet, and never looked back!

Tracey was inspired to pursue real estate because of the freedom that it offers. With complete control over her time, finances, and progress, Tracey forged her own success. Her business took off, thanks to her commitment to excellence, her creativity, and her desire to serve. Before long, she was attracting other realtors to her team, and she started sharing her process, and ultimately her PRODUCTS, with the world!

All Things Real Estate is Born

Due to a combination of passion and necessity, Tracey discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. The economic downturn of 2008 was a hard hit for everyone in the industry, but for Tracey, it was a major turning point in her career. Tracey went from working-single-mother turned real estate agent to newspaper publisher overnight. And that marked the beginning of the next chapter.

“All Things Real Estate” started as a newspaper publication. But eventually, it transformed into a magazine and a multi-media company. Tracey Hicks remained a contributor and filled a niche, producing high-quality content that the real estate industry needed. But her sights were set on improving the lead generation process for agents of all experience levels.

Tracey did not come from a marketing background, but like the rest of her endeavors, she dove in, and quickly became an expert. Tracey had a knack for brand development and storytelling, which enabled her to grow the platform and turn it into something much bigger than a publication.

More Than Words

Now, All Things Real Estate has a gorgeous storefront in Portland, OR, and they are a national leader in real estate merchandising and design. They supply realtors with creative marketing materials that set them apart from the competition. Tracey and her team are revolutionizing real estate products, turning “commonplace and boring” into unique and fun!

Real estate agents are busy being everything to everyone, and Tracey created All Things Real Estate because she lived that life first hand. You don’t have time to do your own marketing. So, Tracey offers a variety of services to help tell your story and create a stronger connection with your clients and prospects.

At her core, that’s all she wants to do. Tracey is on a mission to help people in an industry where ups and downs are inevitable, and we need to be constantly building our brand and staying visible, in order to create consistency and sustainability. All Things Real Estate raised the bar for real estate marketing, and they are continuing to do so. Learn more about the work they are doing to help real estate agents close more deals in our podcast episode, The Power of Storytelling in Real Estate, with Tracey Hicks.