Finding Your Rhythm in Real Estate, with Kelly Hudson

Episode 61:

Kelly Hudson has been a Real Estate Agent in the Greater Denver area for the past 10 years. She is also a wife, mom of 2, and all-around rockstar! The success of her business is built on the age-old principles of giving value, perseverance, and simply enjoying the journey!

Kelly is passionate about delivery excellence to her clients, and she has high expectations for the real estate experience that her clients receive. She is known to be aggressive in this fast-paced market to make sure that her clients don’t miss a thing! Nothing makes her happier than to help people find a home they love, or sell a home with ease!

When she is not working, you will most likely find her at City Park playing with her kids, swimming at the nearby pools, listening to music, or hiking any trail that she can find!

What You Will Learn:

  • Kelly Hudson’s journey from a struggling new agent to 60+ transactions per year
  • The importance of finding a brokerage that matches your standards
  • How Hudson leveraged open houses to generate new business
  • How to turn your real estate endeavor into a sustainable career
  • Why seeking mentorship took Hudson’s career to a new level
  • The power of optimism and mental conditioning
  • Hudson’s routine and how it affects her workflow

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Into the Deep End

With over ten years of industry experience, Kelly Hudson puts up incredible numbers in the Denver real estate market. But it wasn’t her dream industry out of the gate. Hudson went to school for engineering, but initially ended up in the service industry. That was until her brother pushed her to explore a career in real estate. In 2009, Kelly decided to take the leap, and get her license, but the transition was far from seamless.

The first year did not showcase Hudson’s potential, but momentum was building whether she realized it or not. It was hard to tell because she jumped into the deep end without training, and with no book of business. At the time, Hudson was pregnant with her first child. So, there is a distinct parallel between her increased desire for success and the countdown to motherhood. She closed her first deal, just in time to take 6 months off when her daughter was born, which was all she needed to believe this business could really work for her.

A Brokerage That Clicks

Upon her return to real estate after maternity leave, Kelly pursued an opportunity with a brokerage that had a robust training program. The training and accountability they provided had a significant impact on her professional development, and things began to click. Working for yourself means free rein over tactics and strategy. And for Hudson, open houses became her primary means of connecting with prospective clients who were un-represented. She found a niche and excelled with the open house strategy, growing her database, and ultimately building the sustainable business she enjoys today.

The Power of Eavesdropping

Accountability got her into the office every day, and training taught her how to operate, but it was purposeful observation that enabled her to flourish. By paying attention to the successful agents in the office, and analyzing their communication strategies, Kelly could pick and choose elements that worked best for her, and refine them to make them her own. She learned how to solve complex problems and take different types of deals across the finish line with a strategy that was unique to her.

That type of mentorship brought her career to a new level. Kelly learned to push through her fears, and her results are a testament to her perseverance and willingness to show up, day after day. Her discipline, positive attitude, and ‘never-give-up’ mindset are what keep her going, and keep her business growing, even today.

In this industry, you are often your own worst enemy, and optimism is the secret weapon. While Kelly Hudson did not experience instant success when she got her license, she was hungry for knowledge, willing to do the work, and last year closed over 60 sides, without even having an assistant! Today, she’s supported by a growing team, and the future looks bright for Kelly as she continues to stay positive, keep learning, and build the business and life of her dreams! To hear more of her story and learn what brought her success as an agent, make sure to listen to our podcast episode, Finding Your Rhythm in Real Estate, with Kelly Hudson.