Real Estate World | Tactics for Building Your Network, with Chad Nash

Episode 80:

Real Estate World | The Real Estate Doctor

Chad Nash has been in the real estate world for less than two years and he already has already become an inspiring figure in his discipline. By using an educator-first approach to serve his clients, Chad managed to close thirty transactions and $50M in volume in his first year alone! Everyone who knows Chad knows him as “The Real Estate Doctor” since he combines his advanced education training in economics and data analyses, and professional experiences in philanthropic & community development to give his clients superior customer service and stewardship. His team is growing quickly, and in this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Chad shares some of the practices that helped him achieve early success!

Network Your Way

Chad might be the first person to ever tell me he fell in love with real estate on the heels of the classes. But coming from a background in education as a senior administrator with Denver Public Schools, it made sense that he found his stride in the classroom. In the real estate world, education and mentorship click with people in different ways. So, it is important that the teachers and resources you encounter align with who you are as a person; not as a realtor. Chad had to work through multiple brokerages and mentors to find the right fit, but there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you are networking in a way that is authentic to you, you can start to establish your credibility as a real estate professional whether it’s with people who know you or people you’ve never met.

Reimagine Open Houses

To be a great networker in the real estate world, it takes a comprehensive strategy. But where do you start? Open houses? Cold calling? Some of the tactics you dread can be fruitful depending on how you approach them, and Chad has experienced a lot of success using a multi-tiered approach to open-houses. His strategy is built around the concept of social proof and he leverages technology like Facebook live to generate buzz around the work he is doing. He makes video testimonials, posts pictures, and ultimately drums up business by creating a magnetic aura that people can see. Chad’s circle gets to witness the success he is having and they want to be apart of it. But he has always brought that level of energy into his interactions. Now, his real estate strategy and his energy are aligned.

About Chad Nash

Affectionately known as the “Real Estate Doctor”, Chad is dedicated to educating and empowering his clients to make strategic, informed decisions regarding their real estate needs. He has advanced degrees in Economics and Data Analyses, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise during all aspects of the real estate partnership with his clients.

A Colorado native, Chad has lived all across the Denver Metro area and the Front Range. This enables him to have a very unique and thorough understanding of the varying neighborhoods and communities that his clients might be interested in exploring. He often reflects on how the Mile High City has been transformed from a “dusty, old, cow town” into its current state, where real estate ownership, property development, and community growth opportunities are seemingly endless.

Chad has the ability to connect diverse groups of individuals and communities through his relaxed, easy-going personality and genuine love for getting to know and help others. Complemented by a very detailed and data-driven approach to his work, he is a rare breed in the real estate industry. His advanced education training and past professional experiences in philanthropic investing and community development help Chad provide his clients with superior real estate education and customer service.

For Chad, real estate is not simply a transaction; it’s a tool for creating wealth, freedom, and a lasting legacy. In your partnership with him, he will always treat it as such.

What You Will Learn:

  • Chad Nash’s journey into the real estate world
  • How Chad found the right fit with a brokerage
  • Why it is critical to network based on your strengths and personality rather than what you are taught alone
  • How Chad improved the success rate of his open houses
  • Tips and tactics that helped Chad build his book of business from scratch

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