Real Estate World | Creativity and Emotion in Real Estate, with Kristin McFeely

Episode 79:

Real Estate World | Leverage Your Gifts

Kristin McFeely entered the real estate world in 2005 and has since expanded her reach into multiple facets of the industry. So far, Kristin has built an amazing real estate team called the  Philadelphia Home Collective. She also owns a staging company called the Philadelphia Design Collective, which has experienced impressive rapid growth! From the very start of her real estate career, Kristin chose to put a strong emphasis on creative marketing and networking. She has leveraged skills developed from every aspect of her life, whether it pertains to real estate or not. On the latest episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, Kristin joins us to share her story and talk about the skills and tactics she used to build such a successful business.

What Inspires You?

Staying in your lane and using the gifts you were given is a surefire way to start seeing results without it feeling like a grind. That is exactly how Kristin McFeely keeps herself motivated through the ups and downs of our industry! She can always add fuel to the fire by getting into creative flow with marketing and design-oriented projects. But the same goes for anything you are passionate about! Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning—use it to push through the difficult times in your career and use it to amplify your successes. Your passions and gifts can even help you pick the right players as you build out your team. Whatever the case may be, keeping near the things that inspire you will help you maintain balance; and with balance, you can always find a way to enjoy what you do.

Use Emotion

Our feelings and true gifts motivate us to accomplish great things in the real estate world, and they impact our clients and team members as well. By intentionally incorporating emotions into our marketing, buyers can more easily attach greater meaning to the buying process. And when it comes to building company culture, being in tune helps us attract top talent and makes our employees feel connected and valued. Kristin and her team allow their authenticity to shine through, both personally and professionally, and this helps them to build on the genuine lifestyle brand they’ve become known for in the Philadelphia marketplace! To hear more of Kristin’s story, listen to her episode, “Creativity and Emotion in Real Estate, with Kristin McFeely.”

About Kristin McFeely

Kristin is a road tripper, old music lover, architecture junkie, vintage treasure hunter, and Philly real estate hustler. When she is not selling real estate, Kristin can be found in her little cabin on the lake in the Poconos or traveling the roads of America in a big white van looking for antiques and treasures and visiting craft breweries along the way. She has spent the last decade meeting amazing people, digging up all the dirt on Philly and collaborating with the best and smartest creative team in real estate. The result is The Philly Home Collective.

What You Will Learn:

  • Kristin’s backstory and journey into the real estate world
  • How Kristin successfully built her referral and review based business
  • How Kristin made the transition into a higher-priced market as a new agent
  • Why you should always bring your gifts and talents to work whether they’re related to real estate or not
  • How to build out a team with the right people
  • How Kristin stays organized while wearing so many different hats

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