Real Estate Profession | Taking Responsibility for Your Success in Real Estate, with Keri White

Episode 77:

Real Estate Profession | It Can Be Fun Too

Keri White is an inspiration to anyone in the real estate profession who wants to have fun while building a massively successful business! She jumped into the industry right after college and struggled for a while, using her age and experience as a crutch. But Keri turned the corner when she started to manage her energy and bring more of her personality into client interactions. She decided to build a lifestyle brand, which is the foundation of her success today—because the home is where clients build their own lifestyles; therefore, it resonates deeply with them!

Create Predictability in an Unpredictable Industry

A few years into Keri’s career, she attended a seminar and got into the coaching side of real estate. But coaching is not just about tactics or strategy—it is about personal development. In order to achieve the time and financial freedom that drew you into the real estate profession, you first have to become the type of person who is able to achieve that level of success. Different people have different skill sets, and in Keri’s case, she needed to learn the business of real estate so she could improve her growth strategy and attract more clients. It didn’t take long for her to understand that coaching, mentorship, and continued education will help bring predictability to an industry that is completely unpredictable!

Real Change Happens Within

For many of us, the real estate profession is about building a dream life powered by our dream business. And for us to achieve that, it often requires change or sacrifice. Sure, it is a struggle—but we can always be better, especially when it comes to the fundamental elements that make us who we are. Keri stresses that if you want real change, it has to happen within. External changes to your business will not reflect the same level of success you will see by addressing your shortcomings, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and everything else that is holding you back. Your ability to achieve great success is already there, and Keri’s story will give you a better idea of how to bring it to the surface

About Keri White

It takes a true Los Angeles native to know the ins and outs of the city’s neighborhoods like Keri White. It was an early understanding of the California lifestyle and broad worldview that gave Keri the ability to adapt and relate to a diverse roster of clients during her 13-year career in real estate. Keri’s longtime passion for real estate developed out of a desire for connecting people to the things that they love.

Careful guidance, patience, and persistence are trademarks that have allowed Keri to consistently deliver to her clients’ needs, time after time. Her clients remain the number one priority and she offers a high level of energy to grow and maintain lasting relationships while bringing careful attention to every step of the process; from obtaining the trust of the client, getting the offer through, to negotiating the deal with a successful closing. Keri’s clients benefit from the network of agents at The Agency, its culture and global reach, as well as her extended relationships with a remarkable team of educated Realtors, experienced Escrow and Title Officers, skilled Mortgage Lenders, and efficient office staff in order to make sure every client’s need is satisfied.

Keri has always been instrumental in growing community; with a deep passion for team building, planning weekly meetups and social gatherings with other real estate agents, she understands the strength that comes from collaboration in a united team. Keri believes the foundation of a strong career starts with being surrounded by a group of hardworking individuals who have a desire to work and grow together. She possesses a love for building connections and a deep interest in elevating the strengths of those around her.

In order to be forward-thinking in the quickly changing landscape of real estate, Keri prides herself in knowing the market and stays up to date on current trends. It is her ability to self motivate and collaborate which makes her a dynamic addition to The Agency’s Brentwood office.

When she is not caring for her clients, Keri enjoys expanding her worldview through travel. A devotee of the outdoors, Keri soaks up the SoCal lifestyle biking and working out around Santa Monica.

What You Will Learn:

  • Keri’s journey into the real estate profession
  • How real estate coaching impacted Keri’s career
  • How Keri started to truly run her business like a business
  • Keri’s daily disciplines and morning mantra
  • How Keri applies systems and structure within her business
  • How Keri targets and attracts the specific clientele she wants to work with
  • How Keri started to drive traction by creating content

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