Finding Your Niche as a Real Estate Entrepreneur, with Gary Wilson

Episode 127:

Gary shares tips that any real estate entrepreneur can use to niche down and create incredible growth and scalability. He provides insights about:

  • His incredible real estate journey
  • How a real estate entrepreneur can use real estate investment as a vehicle to generate passive income
  • His approach to achieving business growth through business development and marketing
  • Why niching down is the key to achieving incredible growth and scalability in your real estate business
  • How to build an investor network and qualify yourself to start investing in real estate

Niching Down as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Gary Wilson is a major real estate entrepreneur who leads a growing team and a national brokerage. He is a coach, a speaker, and the author of five real estate investment books that lay out his Path to Profit System. Gary is also the host of the Massive Passive Cash Flow podcast, which teaches real estate professionals how to achieve financial prosperity through smart investing strategies. In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Gary joins us to share his real estate journey. He shares insights about what we can do to niche down in our businesses to create incredible growth and scalability.

Build a Circle of Investors

Gary has an amazing story that idealizes the journey of the real estate entrepreneur. He started investing in real estate at just 23 years old, and it became the vehicle he used to build wealth and retire at a young age. This captured the attention of his peers and other real estate professionals across the globe, so Gary used this opportunity to develop his coaching business. He incurred a serious demand for his expertise by creating a sense of scarcity and urgency in potential prospects who were considering working with him. You need to build an investor club around yourself, and you can source your circle from both clients AND agents in your network! This is how Gary outperformed every agent in the office—he served investors exclusively.

Niching Down in Real Estate

As a real estate entrepreneur, Gary saw the potential in his success with investors and founded his own brokerage where that was the sole focus. He made the decision to niche down and it quickly paid off for everyone in his organization. He designed a business model to serve a niche that no one else was serving at the time, which eliminated competition and positioned his firm as the go-to experts for residential and commercial investing. Gary built an entire ecosystem around teaching investors how to invest, and training agents how to work with those investors. If you can identify a niche that aligns with your personality, strengths, and vision for the future, you will take your business to an entirely new level!

Real Estate Entrepreneur

About Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He first began investing at the young age of 23, right after his college graduation. He went on to build a portfolio of more than 250 units, covering everything from single-family homes to an apartment complex with more than 80 units. Today, Gary is a self-made millionaire who continues to practice real estate and is also the Chief Wealth and Income Officer at My Investment Services and the Chief Guidance Officer at Path to Freedom. Gary has completed over 100 transactions per year consistently every single year, without a sales team or assistant and with virtually no marketing costs. He traded over 3,000 investment properties in less than five years.

Gary Wilson is also the author of five real estate investment books, including Rental Profits Without the Pain, Flipping for Profits Without the Risk, Turning Real Estate Problems into Real Estate Profits, Wholesaling So Everybody Wins, and Real Estate Investor vs. Agent: How Both Can Make More Money, Not More Work. Gary is the Founder, Trainer, and Coach of the Path to Profit System, teaching more than 15,000 agents and investors in person. Students of the Path to Profit System have gone on to create fortunes in brokerage, property management, and by applying multiple investment strategies including flipping, wholesaling, and acquiring rentals. Gary has appeared on over 100 national and local media outlets including CBS, FOX News, NBC, ABC, Business Week, and iTunes.

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