How to Lead with Clarity, with Matt Hudson

Episode 105:

Real Estate Entrepreneur: What You Will Learn:

  • Matt’s journey in the real estate business
  • How Matt became a real estate entrepreneur
  • What traits and characteristics Matt looks for in new team members during the recruiting process
  • Matt’s perspective on scaling a real estate business
  • The importance of hiring team members who are more talented than you, and who are aligned with your values
  • How to get clear on the experience you want to create for your customers
  • Why you need to embrace leadership to achieve peace, freedom, and happiness
  • Why Matt believes anyone can learn leadership

Build Your Business Around Your Strengths

Matt Hudson is an incredible real estate entrepreneur who is driven by passion and progression. He is the founder and CEO of Colorado Home Realty, and his leadership principles are deeply aligned with our philosophy here at Pursuing Freedom. Matt pushes the CHR team to find joy in their work, do things that make them feel alive, and attract success by managing their energy. In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Matt joins us to share their journey. He gives us an inside look at his process for creating an incredible culture and team, scaling his business, and developing a leadership style that yields results!

Honor Your Gifts

At one point, Matt was doing 50-70 transactions a year. But the transition to real estate entrepreneur would prove to be very challenging. He operated on the principle that “the customer is always right,” so when Matt became a leader, he spent a lot of time and energy making sure the people around him were whole instead of leading from his strengths. Once he consciously chose to honor himself and communicate his highest values to other team members, Matt achieved an entirely new level of clarity that took his business to a higher level.

Peace, Freedom, and Happiness

The common denominator of all leaders is that we don’t embrace leverage until we get clear on what we believe in, what we stand for, and what our environment will provide our clients. As a real estate entrepreneur, if you can articulate that and use it as a framework to hire team members who are more talented than you, you can realize your vision in a profound way. You will achieve an unbelievable amount of freedom when you define the experience you are trying to create for your customers. When we figure out how to embrace leadership, we can finally achieve peace, freedom, and happiness.

Real Estate Entrepreneur | How to Lead with Clarity

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About Matt Hudson

Matt is the founder and CEO of Colorado Home Realty. He is dedicated to surrounding himself personally and professionally with people who want to live big, dream big, act big, and profoundly impact the lives of others. For Matt, anything short of world-class is unacceptable. He continually searches for excellence within himself, and in stealing a line from Michael Jordan, “every day wakes to compete against what he thinks he is capable of.”

Matt applies this drive and passion within his organization in a way that challenges and supports, grows, and evolves great people, business professionals, and leaders. Regarded for his analytical and strategic skills, ability to inspire and motivate people to dream big and perform at a higher level, Matt has been hired by banks, management consulting firms, private equity and venture capital firms, mortgage companies and title companies nationwide to assess business development performance and create strategies and training to affect change.

After years as a top-producing real estate and mortgage professional, Matt founded CHR with a vision and desire to change the real estate industry by creating a company that stands for excellence, culture, world-class experiences and to be a model of what is possible. A serial entrepreneur, since 2005, Matt has started four other companies and has future plans for a consulting firm, many books he will write, an education company, and technology development. But his first love is real estate.

Matt hails from a small island off the coast of Washington but has been a Colorado resident since 1999. He lives with his wife, Barrie, and their two children Hannah and Carson, in Littleton. Matt enjoys time with his family, coaching baseball, inspirational speaking, learning quantum theory, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, and running with his dogs.

Matt is a coffee, wine, beer, and whiskey snob; he won’t wear shoes that haven’t been shined (unless they are biking shoes, hiking boots, or flip flops), loves to wear jeans and a sport coat, shorts and a t-shirt, and he gets his best ideas while mowing the lawn.

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