Scaling a Real Estate Business, with Stacie Staub

Episode 104:

Real Estate Business: What You Will Learn:

  • Stacie’s perspective on when is the right time to scale your real estate business
  • How to move past the debilitating fear spots that we put in front of ourselves
  • Systems and processes that should be put in place early on
  • How to find alternatives to the parts of your business that you don’t enjoy doing
  • How and when to delegate
  • What you can do to be more consistent and find a solution for predictable growth
  • How to eliminate time-sucks and get organized
  • Stacie’s approach to the hiring process

Growth and Scale That You Can Enjoy

Stacie Staub is an OG Pursuing Freedom guest and one of my oldest friends in the real estate business! She is the co-founder of West + Main Homes, an incredible brokerage based in Colorado. And she is also the founder of Genuine Hustle, a conference series designed around real-life teaching and learning in the real estate space. I wanted to bring Stacie back on the show to talk about everything that goes into scaling a real estate business. In this episode, Stacie helps us understand when is the best time, and what activities should be delegated in the process. There are so many angles to approach this process, so Stacie’s input will help us do it in a way that we enjoy, that we are naturally good at, and that will ultimately result in moving the needle.

Put a System in Place From Day-One

So many people in the real estate business have the potential to do more, but they are being held back by their own systems (or lack thereof) and limiting beliefs! That is one of the reasons I am so passionate about the mechanics behind scaling your business—it doesn’t have to be a miserable headache. From day one, you have to think about what you want your business to look like and figure out how you are going to manage it along the way. Stacie has seen agents wait until they have 12 deals under contract and their hair is on fire before hiring a TC. Then they don’t even have time to train the TC on how they want their business to run or where they need help. You need to put a system in place when things are moving slowly, you are ready for any opportunities that come your way. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time growing your business.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Top producers in the real estate business are top producers because they are taking care of their clients while building their business. It doesn’t have to be a trade-off on that front, and it doesn’t have to be a trade-off in your personal life either. A lot of the day-to-day can be delegated as your business grows so you can focus on revenue-generating activities that only you can do! Think about the things you hate doing and find alternatives that play to your strengths. Or hire people that can take them off your plate. It is difficult to come to this realization on your own, but once you get out of your own way, there is no limit on what you can accomplish.

Real Estate Business | Scaling a Real Estate Business

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About Stacie Staub

Founder and owner of West + Main Homes, Stacie Staub is a Colorado-based Real Estate expert with over 15 years of experience in both residential sales and industry marketing. She is also the conference-loving junkie behind Genuine Hustle, which is fast becoming one of the most popular and in-demand formats for real-life teaching and learning in the Real Estate space. When Stacie isn’t helping her team reach their business goals, you might find her on stage sharing her best tips and tools, or appearing as a guest on both local and national webinars, radio shows, podcasts, and conferences. She also combines her love of Real Estate with her passion for teaching in order to help other agents to grow their business in an organic, genuine way.

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