Real Estate Deal | Passive Cash Flow for Greater Time and Financial Freedom, with Zachary Beach

Episode 75:

Real Estate Deal | Buy and Sell On Terms

I know we normally have real estate agents on the show to talk about adding value for our buyers and sellers. But there are many ways we can add value beyond the typical bounds of our roles! In some cases, you may be involved in a real estate deal where traditional sales or purchasing tactics are not viable. Zachary Beach of Smart Real Estate Coach teaches a strategy for buying and selling on terms so that you can do real estate deals with no money down. In the latest episode of Pursuing Freedom, Zach joins us to explain how you can use his strategy to bring more value to your clients by helping them do deals that otherwise may not have been possible.

Creative Purchasing Strategies

No matter what your niche is, real estate offers a ton of opportunities for us to get creative and generate passive cash flow. Doing a real estate deal on terms is a great option because it is a protective strategy since you’re doing deals with no money down. Lease-purchase agreements are Zach’s specialty. At its core, a lease-purchase agreement is a net lease with a contract to buy at a specified end-date. You assume any and all responsibilities/repairs for the property without assuming title, so it enables you to build equity in the deal and get a better final purchase price.

Leverage Your Existing Network to Build Wealth

As real estate professionals, we are in the trenches with buyers and sellers every day! It is a little easier for us to get our feet wet with a creative investment strategy because we have already built a tribe of amazing contacts. We all got into this business to achieve time and financial freedom, and doing a real estate deal on terms will only help you achieve more of it in the future. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and go all-in—most of Zach’s investors do this part-time so they can build the life they want for the future. With three distinct paydays averaging $75,000 dollars per deal, there is a lot of opportunity if you are willing to put in the leg work. To learn more about Zach’s strategy for buying on terms, listen to his episode, “ Passive Cash Flow for Greater Time and Financial Freedom, with Zachary Beach.”

About Zachary Beach

Zachary has been fully active in real estate for over 4 years now. Before he was in real estate, he was a bartender and personal trainer and continues to prove daily that you can come from any background and be successful in this industry. He has completed over 100 deals, and he has mentored & coached students on how to carry out real estate transactions on terms. He continues to help complete 12-15 new deals per month.

Zachary runs the day-to-day operations of Smart Real Estate Coach and has played a large part in the scaling of this company. He continues to be in the trenches coaching Associates and helping them navigate the deals and scale their own business.

Zachary is extremely passionate about personal growth, mindset, and helping others reach their full potential. He co-authored the Amazon best-seller The New Rules of Real Estate Investing. If he is not working, you will most likely catch him reading, working out, playing sports, or enjoying his family, which includes his wife Kayla and two children Remi and Bellamy.

What You Will Learn:

  • Zach’s background and journey into real estate
  • What it means to do a real estate deal on terms
  • How a lease-purchase agreement works
  • How Zach coaches his clients buy and sell on terms
  • What types of properties and markets are ideal for Zach’s investment strategy
  • How investing part-time now can help you achieve greater time and financial freedom in the future

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