From Good to Great in Real Estate, with Cory Williams

Episode 71:

As a full-service realtor, Cory’s business philosophy is to give first. This simple notion allows him to establish a level of trust with his clients, which permeates their entire relationship.  He knows it is an honor and privilege to represent his clients in achieving their goals and dreams. This humble attitude sets the tone for success!

I have lived in many of Denver’s historic neighborhoods and now call City Park my home.  I pride myself on supporting local small businesses. I can help you find the best places to dine, shop and have fun!

Cory’s time in Colorado has been invested in construction, remodeling, and real estate advising.  Being a consummate resource for his clients is the number one goal. “I grew up remodeling and learning how to build equity in real estate, my clients directly benefit from my expertise through my experience”.

Negotiating on behalf of the clients’ best interests makes him an invaluable resource. These skills coupled with extensive knowledge of the infrastructure of homes makes Cory a problem-solving partner you must have on your side!

As a Certified Military Specialist, he is able to assist veterans and active-duty military. Understanding the specific challenges and differences with a V.A. loan is one more important distinction Cory brings to the table.

What You Will Learn:

  • Cory’s journey into real estate
  • How Cory adjusted to straight commission
  • How Cory has been able to thrive in a consultative role as opposed to hard selling
  • The systems and processes that help Cory stay organized as a business owner
  • Why you need to slow down in order to speed up
  • When and how to delegate

Additional Resources:

The Round Wheel Rolls Best

Throughout his fifteen-year career in the construction industry, Cory Williams learned everything that a sane person should know about residential buildings. His passion fizzled out though, and he wanted to transition into an industry where he could work with people whose goals and visions were aligned with his own. Given his background, real estate was a logical move. Cory was able to leverage his previous, long-standing client relationships to garner support for his new business. He hit the ground running and established himself as a consultative agent focused on educating and empowering everyone he worked with—something that will take you very far in our industry!

Put Systems in Place

At first, Cory didn’t really have any systems or processes in place; he just ad-libbed. This year, however, putting systems in place has been his primary focus. It is one of the most freeing things he’s ever done because efficient processes keep him organized and streamlined, and enable him to focus strictly on growing his business. The systems come in the form of showing-procedures and programs to help get his agents on their feet. Cory shares the information freely with other agents so they can put their own spin on it. As a result, each team member builds a custom business plan catered to their strengths and the entire business flourishes.

Pump the Brakes

As Cory said, “the round wheel rolls best,” because he didn’t invent the tactics his team uses. The difference is, everything he does now is intentional and organized. Cory encourages people to take a step back and “put it on paper on purpose.” Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up, and the go-go-go mentality can potentially lead to negative customer experiences. The good news is, you are only hitting the brakes because you’ve built momentum. The energy, motivation, and effort is in place, and somebody out there is willing to help you guide it! If you want to learn more about Cory’s unique strategy, listen to my podcast episode, From Good to Great in Real Estate, with Cory Williams. Cheers!