Personal, Organic Lead Gen Tactics, with Ruben Garcia

Episode 100:

Biz Dev: What You Will Learn:

  • Ruben’s real estate journey
  • How Ruben pushed through his limiting beliefs and made the leap into real estate
  • How Ruben’s biz dev model works
  • What type of mentorship Ruben was receiving and how that played a role in the implementation and execution of his plan
  • How Ruben balanced his home life with a business that was taking off
  • How time blocking has enabled Ruben to assume more control over his work-life balance
  • How long it took Ruben to execute his vision for the business
  • Ruben’s experience as an agent vs. a team leader

A New Model for Biz Dev

Ruben Garcia has been in real estate for five and a half years, and he has already established himself as a leading expert in biz dev strategy. Currently, Ruben is with eXp Realty in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where he leads a team of over fifty-five agents statewide. He is developing a system that produces consistent, intentional, organic lead generation through his referral database in order to help his team excel as it continues to grow. In this episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, Ruben joins us to share his story and talk about the forward-thinking business development tactics he has brought into the real estate business.

Act In Spite of Your Fears

Before Ruben became a master of biz dev in real estate, he spent twelve years with UPS where he was tracking for a management position. Ruben made the leap into real estate because he wanted something better for himself and his daughter. It drove him to shatter his limiting beliefs, set concrete goals, and work towards them without ever looking back. There were a lot of outside factors trying to discourage him from chasing this dream, but Ruben found a way to tune them out. So much of the media surrounding us is peddling negativity, and if we aren’t careful, it can impede our progress. External negativity creates negative conversations within you, but when your back is against the wall and it’s go-time, you have the power to control those conversations; you can make the decision to let nothing get in your way.

Set the Bar High

Within Ruben’s first year and a half in the real estate business, he was already the CEO of an agency with over 130 team members. But his vision as an individual vs. a team leader varied a bit. As a leader, Ruben has been able to help his team build the business by referral with a carefully organized biz dev model. In many cases, lead generation, automation, and delegation lose that personal touch. Ruben’s system is designed to uphold a high level of standards that he put in place. People buy into your high standards more than they buy into you as an individual, so if you can build that connection, you don’t have to be directly involved all the time. We shouldn’t be working harder or longer than we have to. Putting the right systems in place can help you find a better work-life balance.

Biz Dev

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About Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia is the CEO/Founder of Proven By Ruben Business Development, where he works with start-ups, CEO’s, founders, and entrepreneurs to train, hire and bring in proven systems and models that build empires!

He is also the former Vice President of The Locker Room Business Development Division and the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville – where he and his team were able to break all-time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017.

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