2019 buyer testimonials

You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.
— Zig Ziglar

I had the honor of meeting Erin in person, and Pursuing Freedom is an absolutely genuine reflection of how she works and communicates with her tribe! This strategy was to-the-point with very good information that is easy to implement and provides a HUGE impact! Pursuing Freedom is a quick read, there are great scripts (that aren't cheesy!) to use, and leaves you feeling ready to incorporate! Highly Recommend!

— Allison mccarthy

Erin gives you a simple strategy for building your own Tribe, based on providing value to the people in your ever-growing, community of clients, friends, and service providers, creating a 'love fest' of referrals, not by 'selling' but by being the most valuable resource in your community.

— Steve Bivans

Erin offers real life applications of procedures to grow your business, increase sales, and maximize the relationships with existing clients and business partners. I would highly recommend Pursuing Freedom to anyone searching for alternative ways to elevate their business to the next level.

— Sean mooney

Erin has done an amazing job systematizing something that, until now, seemed only achievable as a character trait. Her technique to grow a business by a referral system is something that all types of people could apply in many industries...and sincerely enjoy doing.

— Shannon sturtevant

Erin has an easygoing style.
She is so easy to relate to. She has common-sense (and fun) ideas to change your fiscal life. Highly recommend.

— Michael foley

Like Erin, what's not to love? Not just give to get, but give to live a fulfilling and lucrative life! Pursuing Freedom provides the map and the inspiration.

— Jill mant

Directly applicable to anyone looking to improve. If you've been in a funk or a slump, this is the uplifting boost you need to get back your train back on the tracks. Inspiring, with takeaways that we call all implement in our lives. Well done.

— brad lux

Lots of practical tips for those in 100% commission based jobs or self-employed. So many relatable struggles and situations. This is a good strategy for busy entrepreneurs trying to build a business and enjoy the process!

- Rachel Ash