You come to this country, with your eyes wide open, and you see everything from a different angle; you see opportunities, with Jack Bosch

Episode 49:

In this episode of the Pursuing Freedom podcast, we meet Jack Bosch, a real estate investor, coach, husband, and father. This is by far one of the most inspiring (and intriguing) interviews to date! Since 2002, Jack and his wife, both immigrants to the U.S., have been buying and selling LAND, and have flipped more than 4,000 transactions, building wealth and passive income…and now they teach others to do the same! Spending 2-4 months a year traveling the world with their daughter, Jack and Michelle have designed their business to fit their lifestyle…and have successfully built their version of the American Dream. We dig into the idea that opportunities abound, and how to go about creating your own success. We hope this leaves you as inspired and motivated as we are! Enjoy!

Please let us know if you’d like us to share any of the resources mentioned in the show. Here’s to your continued success and happiness!