Troy Eckard

Episode 208: How to 1031 Exchange an Under-Performing Rental Property into a Cashflowing Passive Investment with Troy Eckard

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Listen in as Troy gives us an education on 1031 Exchanges with mineral rights, including:

  • How to use your money to create income as you wind down your career
  • The three pieces of every piece of real estate 
  • How using mineral rights as part of a 1031 Exchange is a win for all
  • His 3 premises when focusing on mineral rights
  • The simplicity of 1031 in 180 days, first revenue check in 6 months, monthly checks on the 25th of each month for the next 25 to 75 years and a 1099 of the income you receive…no liability, no holding cost, no property tax
  • … and much more

About Troy Eckard

With almost four decades of experience, Troy W. Eckard’s focus on domestic oil and gas puts him at the top of his class in expertise and industry knowledge. Eckard Enterprises believes that owning, developing, and managing assets is one of the safest long-term investment strategies available today. Eckard is committed to identifying, acquiring, developing, and maturing the right tangible assets exclusively for our valued partners.

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