Achieve Quick Success as a Real Estate Investor, with Shelby Osborne

Episode 92:

Real Estate Investment Portfolio: What You Will Learn:

  • Shelby’s real estate journey
  • How Shelby found her footing as a new real estate investor
  • How Shelby built a real estate investment portfolio from scratch
  • What it took to achieve Keller Williams’ Rookie of the Year for both of the Carolinas
  • How Shelby put her career on the fast track by shadowing her firm’s top producers
  • Resources that helped Shelby achieve early success as an investor
  • Systems and rules that Shelby attributes to her quick success
  • How to support someone on your team who is not detail-oriented
  • How you will know it’s time to bring on support
  • How Shelby overcame her fear of failure before she built momentum

The Fast-Track of Real Estate Investing

At just twenty-nine years old, Shelby Osborne is already an absolute rockstar in Fayetteville, North Carolina! She is the founder of the Five Pillars Realty Group, and she is the co-founder of Pillars Consulting. Shelby is also a successful real estate investor with forty-one doors in her real estate investment portfolio. After achieving such incredible success so quickly, Shelby is now giving back to the real estate community. She is consulting and training realtors to become investors so they can generate passive cash flow and advise their clients to do the same. There is no better time to educate ourselves, take advantage of real estate investing, and create multiple streams of income to support ourselves during market fluctuations! In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Shelby explains how it’s done.

Find Your Footing

When Shelby got her real estate license, she immediately dove in head first. After six years in the Army, she got out as a Captain and immediately transitioned into real estate as a broker and investor. On top of starting a real estate investment portfolio right out of the gates, Shelby earned Keller Williams’ Rookie of the Year for both North and South Carolina. It is not easy to get started in real estate investing, but Shelby stresses the importance of putting in the leg work early. The more energy you put into preparing now, the more passive income you will see later—and you can set your own pace. Shelby sought as many mentorship and education opportunities as she possibly could. It helped her find her stride as both a new realtor, and a new real estate investor.

Systematic Success

Shelby’s quick success was no accident. In addition to mentorship and education, Shelby attributes much of her success to systems and rules. She time blocks different parts of the day and devotes all of her attention to the task at hand. No cell phones. No distractions. She also advises that you never think through the same thing twice. As you build a real estate investment portfolio or start your journey as an agent, it’s important to be detail-oriented. But you can’t be so detail-oriented that you get in your own way! Many teams have support networks in place to help different personality types succeed in any environment. On Shelby’s team, discipline and leverage reign king. Find systems and processes that align with your strengths and balance your weaknesses, and you too can achieve tremendous success in a short amount of time!

Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Beige Bungalow House by Pixabay

About Shelby Osborne

Shelby graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012, served in the Army for 6 years, and got out as a Captain at the beginning of 2018 to dive into Real Estate full time as both a broker & investor.

Following her first year as a broker, Shelby was recognized as the Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for the “Carolinas Region” (all of North & South Carolina) and began to expand, creating her own team of real estate professionals.

Five Pillars Realty Group became official in 2019 and specializes in helping military and investors nationwide meet their goals. The team now consists of a full team of admin & staff, a killer intern program & a Commercial Division. “Pints & Properties,” their Real Estate Investors meetup, is BOOMING & continuing to grow rapidly.

In addition to building the team, Shelby also continues to grow her rental property portfolio. Since purchasing her first rental property in November 2017, she has gone on to grow her portfolio to 41 units, comprised of a variety of property types: small-scale residential, multi-family, and short-term rentals.

What’s next? Consulting: Training other agent teams on how to work with investors.

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