Embrace the Future of Real Estate Marketing, with Raj Qsar

Episode 94:

Real Estate Investment Portfolio: What You Will Learn:

  • The how, when, and why Raj Qsar got into the real estate business
  • How Raj incorporated his medical sales and marketing background in his real estate career
  • Different sales and marketing tactics that Raj and his team have used to scale their business
  • How Raj was able to get such a powerful response out of social media and video
  • Why real estate agents need to embrace the future of marketing
  • How we can educate ourselves to work smarter and be more innovative in this time of crisis
  • Raj’s advice to people who may not be scaling their business out of the gate
  • What real estate agents can do to thrive in spite of the global pandemic

Innovative Marketing in Real Estate

Raj Qsar is the founder of The Boutique Real Estate Group out of Orange County, California. He has been in the real estate business since 2006, and even with thirty agents on his team, Raj is still helping buyers and sellers! Raj is an absolute rockstar with tons of impressive accolades for video marketing, social media, and innovation. He is crushing it as a leader, a real estate agent, and he brings an unbelievable amount of value to the table. The Boutique Real Estate Group’s design and tech-forward approach set them apart from the pack, and Raj’s insights about digital marketing in the real estate space will help you level-up your game too!

Social Media is a Full-time Gig

In the world of pharmaceuticals, Raj developed a keen interest in sales and marketing strategies. As he debated the decision to continue med school or explore different career paths. He stumbled upon the real estate business. Raj was instantly inspired by the time and financial freedom, but the classes he took were not giving him the tools and resources he needed to start building a book of business quickly! Raj took it into his own hands and found a way to incorporate some of his previous sales and marketing tactics into his real estate business. Raj was an early adopter of Facebook and grew a massive following just three years into his career! They expanded into new platforms, and Raj hired a full-time social media manager to continue developing the business in the digital space!

Digital Tools to Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

People started recognizing The Boutique Real Estate Group’s listings on social media before they ever saw them on the MLS! Now, social media reigns king for networking in the real estate business. Without intentional content, however, you are limiting your reach. In 2008, Raj and his team shot a short film to truly depict what it was like to live behind the gates of one of their listings. It absolutely took off, so to this day, Raj and his team continue to leverage video and social media to scale their business! Video is just one example of a tool you can use to grow your business. But Raj’s story is a testament to the fact that you have to embrace the future of marketing if you want to achieve the level of time and financial freedom you set out for.

Real Estate Business

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About Raj Qsar

Raj’s story goes a little something like this… Beautiful design evokes emotion. Emotion stirs the soul and creates a connection between client, agent and the home buying or selling process. The Boutique Real Estate Group has invested heavily in bringing all aspects of the real estate experience completely in-house. From custom design, professional staging, architectural photography, cinematography, and social media to technology, internet optimization, cloud-based transaction management and global listing syndication. This not only provides The Boutique with complete control of the design, marketing & technology of luxury real estate but also gives them the look & feel of a true boutique marketing agency. This design & tech-forward approach has earned The Boutique Real Estate Group accolades & awards worldwide.

In 2019 Raj was named Top Video Influencer on Social Media by BombBomb. In 2018 the accolades continue with Real Estate Video Influencer Award & Top Real Estate Brokerage on Social Media. In 2017 Raj & The Boutique were awarded The Real Estate Influencer of The Year by Inman News, Most Innovative Brokerage, REAL Trends Finalist for Best Overall Website and the #1 Real Estate Video Influencer Award. In 2016 Raj was named to the prestigious SP200 Honoring The Most Powerful 200 People in Residential Real Estate. The Boutique was an Inman News Innovator for Most Innovative Real Estate Brokerage in 2016, Most Innovative Technology in 2015 and Raj was selected as Most Innovative Real Estate Agent in 2014. Raj was also selected as 33 People Changing The Real Estate Industry by Inman News. The Boutique was also awarded Best Real Estate Video for 2014 by Placester and Raj was also named Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders For 2013 By Inman News. The Boutique Real Estate Group was recently selected as The 2014 Next Generation Real Estate Brokerage by Better Homes & Garden Real Estate & 1000 Watt Consulting.

As a National & International Speaker, Raj travels the world and has taken the stage at some of the most prestigious real estate conferences, educating Real Estate Professionals on the value of Marketing, Technology & Social Media.

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