From Vision to Reality, with Stacy Bahrenfuss

Episode 111:

Real Estate Business: What You Will Learn:

  • Stacy’s real estate journey
  • Stacy’s philosophy that the real estate business follows our personal evolution
  • How planning around our own fulfillment and happiness can help us better serve others
  • How Stacy found her way into real estate coaching
  • Why spirituality has played such a profound role in Stacy’s success
  • How Stacy grew her business from $6M to $32M in one year
  • Stacy’s visioning process, and how she moves from vision to reality
  • Why you should narrow your lead gen focus
  • How Stacy avoided a plateau when her business was growing at such a rapid velocity
  • Stacy’s morning routine, and how it impacts her day, week, month, and year
  • How Stacy addressed her stress and internal conflict as she started to grow her book

Real Estate Planning in Q4

Stacy Bahrenfuss has been in the real estate business since the age of 19, and she already has a wildly successful team, coaching organization, and a development company! She is the Founder and CEO of the Catalyst Group, a seven-figure operation and one of the top real estate teams in Idaho. In this episode of Pursuing Freedom, Stacy joins us to share her real estate journey. She explains how she grew her business from $6M to $32M in one year by maintaining internal clarity through visioning, planning, and execution.

Put on Your Oxygen Mask First

Stacy’s philosophy is deeply aligned with what we believe here at Pursuing Freedom, and I love the way she puts it when she says “the real estate business follows our personal evolution.” Especially as we head into business planning season, it is important that we focus on our own fulfillment and happiness! Who are we this year? And who do we want to become? By planning around our own evolution, we will be able to better serve our clients and our team members.

Spirituality in the Real Estate Business

Spirituality has played a profound role in Stacy’s success. It is a huge part of her life, because internal clarity creates a rhythm and flow that makes achieving her goals easy. It is something she coaches frequently, and something we can all benefit from in our own lives The real estate business is chaotic, but getting clear on who we are and what we plan to accomplish can help us use the chaos to fuel the fire! Life has a lot to offer us, so we don’t have to go seeking out opportunities or trying to create them. The right next step will always appear at the right time, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will start to magnetize relationships and results!

Real Estate Business | From Vision to Reality

About Stacy Bahrenfuss

Founder + CEO of the Catalyst Group, Stacy started her real estate company at the early age of 19, sustained through the housing crisis of 2007-2010, and continued to build the business to be a 7-figure operation and one of the top real estate teams in the state (Rated #15 in Idaho by Real Trends in 2018). An avid student of personal and spiritual development, having visited India multiple times, she has become one of only 1,000 in the One Consciousness Leaders Circle. She’s also a previous member of Tony Robbins’ Platinum Group.

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