Success Without Sacrifice, with Melody Switzer

Episode 114:

Real Estate Tools: What You Will Learn:

  • Melody’s journey to time and financial freedom in the real estate business
  • How Melody recognized she had the power to take control of her business
  • Why your identity plays such a big role in your perception of success
  • How Melody makes time for the reflection process when things get chaotic
  • When Melody realized it was time to get some support so she wasn’t overwhelmed by the business
  • How to get clear on your priorities and make sure you are prepared to pivot when it’s time to pivot

Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset

Melody Switzer is an agent in the Denver metro area, and she has accomplished so much during her 12 years in the real estate business. I love her story because it embodies everything we talk about on Pursuing Freedom. Melody got into real estate, followed all the rules, checked all the boxes, and achieved success. Only then did she realize that success is not all it is cracked up to be when you have to sacrifice your happiness and peace of mind! In this episode, Melody joins us to share her journey to time and financial freedom.

Your Numbers Don’t Define You

Once Melody was hitting 90 transactions per year, she finally realized that the real estate business gave her the power to create a life worth living. You don’t have to push yourself to burnout to achieve the level of success you want, and the numbers you put up each year don’t define you. That can be difficult to accept because in many cases, output and dollar amounts are tied directly to your identity. When that happens, your life takes a back seat to your work, and the fear/scarcity mindset takes over.

Dealing With Fear in the Real Estate Business

The fear/scarcity mindset is an extremely difficult thing to overcome in the real estate business. It pops up with every unknown and every big decision you face, but fear is a natural part of being human. It is something we have to learn how to deal with because it’s never going away. Figure out what success looks like to you and design your business around that idea. Strip yourself of the guilt and shame that comes with deviating from someone else’s idea of success. That is how you will start to live a life worth living!

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About Melody Switzer

Once affectionately referred to as “a velvet-covered brick”, Melody has successfully negotiated and navigated the real estate process for hundreds of clients, often winning in multiple-offer situations. Not one to ever give up easily, her wheels are always turning, staying focused on the best possible outcome. Building rapport while developing thoughtful strategies are some of her strong suits and she utilizes them to stand firm and stay strong on her clients’ behalf while not shutting doors on the other side of the transaction. Quiet tenacity and great listening and problem-solving skills ensure that Melody’s clients are well guided on their journey of buying or selling a home. She understands it can be an emotional and uncertain time with big financial decisions. She feels honored to be able to play a small role in someone’s big picture and is committed to doing her absolute best for every client.

Melody cares deeply for people (especially her clients) and enjoys helping others overcome hurdles whether personal or circumstantial. Combined with a rational approach as well as creativity, Melody is gifted at calmly and productively resolving the issue at hand. There is rarely a situation she has not encountered and problem-solving and negotiating are some of her favorite parts of the job.

The daughter of two hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs, Melody learned early on the value of integrity, problem-solving, sacrifice, and putting others first in order to achieve success. She attended Gordon College in Boston where she received degrees in Communications (Media Studies) and English Literature. She likes to say she “learned how to talk and read good!”

Melody was born in Texas, raised in New Jersey, started her professional career in Boston, and eventually followed her heart (and the man who stole it) to Colorado in 2010 where she came under the wing of a successful real estate agent who helped her quickly become a top producing agent on his team. She has since helped friends and families with over 500 home sales (buyers, sellers, and investors) and over 80% of her business comes from repeat clients and referrals. She was especially honored to be a speaker at a real estate conference of 15,000 agents, a 5280 Magazine Rising Star in 2014 and currently a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider.

When not making her clients’ real estate dreams come true, Melody loves spending time with her husband and young son. She wants to be wherever they are, whether the neighborhood park or their favorite destination, Costa Rica where they hope to have a home someday. She also enjoys skiing, decorating, yoga, macramé, and visiting her family back in New Jersey as much as possible.

Words Melody lives by: You are the sky. Everything else…is just the weather.

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