From healthcare to freedom through Real Estate, with Airbnb Superhost and Realtor Quynh Vu

Episode 197: From healthcare to freedom through Real Estate with Airbnb Superhost and Realtor Quynh Vu

Ep 197


In this week’s episode with Quynh Vu, you’ll discover:

  • Quynh’s light bulb moment when she went from fear of risk to becoming an active real estate investor
  • How a shift in the questions being asked moved her from a quick “no” to it being a lot of work to say no
  • Several mistakes and learnings Quynh had, including that “the cheapest way is oftentimes the longest way” to get something done
  • How Quynh went from new in real estate to spending 2 months in Barcelona with her family and quitting her W-2 job in 2.5 years
  • …and so much more!


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