Nicole Mangina

Episode 217: Why Energy and Mindset Are Critical for Communicating Your Value with Nicole Mangina

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Listen in as Nicole shares:

  • How the realization that it was her prospects’ job to ask about fees and even if they could be lowered that led to a shift in her mindset
  • How getting a parking ticket on a dark rainy night was a turning point
  • The power of moving from objections and negotiations to conversations
  • Having the courage to create your own definition of success and being able to stand in that when around others
  • Her two bits of advice for agents in this current market
  • …and so much more

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About Nicole

I see your perseverance and resilience.

Hi, I’m Nicole Mangina, I’ve been a top-selling real estate agent in the Seattle area for over 25 years. In my quest to not only master business but also have a life I love, I have found a few tricks along the way that make all the difference. I’ve been sharing these secrets with agents and entrepreneurs since 2010 and find great joy seeing others succeed.

The cornerstone of my teachings focuses on the energy we bring to everything we do. The seemingly often overlooked thing is the foundation, catalyst, and turbocharger for everything we do in all areas of our life. Energy is a common word these days, but not many can teach others how to master it intentionally and direct it. Yet, once you figure this out, it’s the difference between everything coming together magically and an uphill battle each step of the way.

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