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Episode 205: From $3M to $300M with Nick Stageberg

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SUCH a great episode with Nick… listen in to discover:

  • How Nick started out in homeless shelters and did his first house hack at age 12
  • How he and his wife created huge wealth for themselves in a relatively short amount of time with the Burr business model
  • How Nick never planned to sell a house to someone else when he got his real estate license and what changed that
  • His joint venture approach to investment
  • The Lemonade Stand Model
  • What Nick and his team do instead of cold calling…
  • The impact of being, or not, your authentic self
  • … and so much more!

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About Nick

Nick Stageberg is a career technologist, father to 4 children, and Owner of Black Swan Real Estate, a real estate investment and property management company. Along with his wife Elaine, Nick owns and manages a real estate portfolio of over 1,300 doors and more than $300M in assets under management. Through real estate investing, Nick reached financial freedom in his 30s and now helps others to do the same. Black Swan has delivered exceptional returns to hundreds of passive investors through their unique investor-focused private equity funds which enjoy no sponsor fees whatsoever, 100% return of capital to investors before any splits, and long-term returns and tax advantages, all coupled with socially conscious investing and at least 5% of profits donated to charity. Connect with Nick at

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