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Episode 203: How to run a thriving business in one state, while living full-time in another, with Lindsey Iskierka

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Listen in to this interview with Lindsey to discover: 

  • How she lives full-time in Montana with her family and is an active agent in California
  • How diving in and learning all she could about real estate led to paying off over $40K in debt, becoming rookie of the year and buying a house triplex. All without relying on friends and family for leads. 
  • A strategy Lindsey shares within the first 10 min that Erin had never heard of. 
  • The technology many shy away from these days that’s where rapport is built.
  • The showing agent model
  • … and so much more!

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About Lindsey

Lindsey is a Southern California native who has been in real estate as an agent and investor since 2015.  As an investor, Lindsey and her husband, Ryan have house hacked, held long term rentals and short term rentals.  She brings her experience and knowledge of real estate sales and investing to help her clients maximize their  portfolios. 

Today, she is partnered with David Greene from The Bigger Pockets Podcast as the Lead Real Estate Agent for the Southern California sales team.  

In 2023 Lindsey and her team sold 87 homes for over $65 million in volume.  Lindsey did this while running her real estate team mostly remotely out of state through a showing agent model and virtual consultations.  Lindsey shares how to maximize client experience and build a successful real estate team while having the freedom to live remotely and travel without missing a beat with her clients. 

Lindsey and her husband Ryan have two kids and were able to have Ryan resign from law enforcement and work as a lender in David Greene’s mortgage company thanks to their real estate investments.  

Lindsey believes in the power of leverage and team building while maintaining a high standard of service to her clients.  

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